WCC Aviation prepares students for ‘highest-paying’ jobs

Following the growth of the global economy, the demand for aviation professionals continues to boom in the Asia-Pacific region. Recent data by the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that aviation-related occupations—namely aircraft pilots, navigators, and flight engineers—were the highest-paying jobs in 2016 with a P116,714 average monthly salary rate. It’s followed by securities and finance dealers and brokers (P89,831) and civil engineers (P69,957).

In Photo: A WCC student checks the controls of an aircraft during training.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, the airline industry has unceasingly prospered, and the need for aviation experts, continues to rise—with 41,000 new aircraft projected to be built worldwide within the next 20 years.

With the boom of aviation in the Philippines, what can aspiring aviation practitioners expect, and how should they prepare?

“One must be really ready when entering the competitive aviation industry,” said Capt. Ramon Guico III, president and CEO of WCC Aviation Company Inc.


Despite the presence of job opportunities in the aviation industry, Guico stressed that the road to an aviation career is not for the faint-hearted. Those interested to get into the industry should be passionate and fully equipped with optimal skills and experience to gain a competitive edge.

“Though new graduates will find it hard to land an aviation job immediately after graduation, the key is to keep themselves informed about the industry and the specialization they are into. For example, aircraft mechanics should be more open into accepting on-the-job trainings and immersions. This will give them the experience and skills that a large airline company is looking for. This is the same with pilot students. The key is to gain experience. Airlines may not be always hiring new pilots, so the option is to start by becoming flight instructors so they will gain flight experience and, at the same time, enhance their skills. So, when the time comes that an airline will be looking for their new set of flight crew, you will be on the top choice,” Guico explained.

“Aside from the travel, airlines also provide assistance for career advancement. There is an ongoing trend now of aircraft mechanics and cabin crew advancing to become
airline pilots.”

Foreseeing the boom in the airlines industry, WCC Aviation is commencing its plans to make quality education more accessible throughout the country by expanding its reach. The company, which is highly regarded not just in the Philippines but also in Asia, aims to soon open a WCC Aviation Branch in Diliman, Quezon City, offering programs, such as pilot-training and flight-attendant courses.

This is in addition to WCC Aviation’s constant upgrading of its training programs.

From its modest beginnings in 2005 with only a small school and two students, WCC Aviation has grown to be a university-grade campus that caters to the needs of the airline industry both locally and abroad. The school has complete accreditations from the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. WCC Aviation has also won the Eagle Award from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines in 2015.

At present, WCC Aviation’s state-of-the-art facilities provide a conducive learning environment.

“In Binalonan, WCC has a private airport with a full-functioning passenger-terminal and booking system. We have replicated actual airport operations so that our students are aware of how the industry works, making them ready to become future leaders in the aviation industry,” he said.

“We are training students not just to become employees but to be critical thinkers. We want them to be the next-generation managers and leaders in the industry. That is why we are highlighting ‘character formation’ in our curriculum. By focusing on developing the character of our students, we help them nurture their skills and become responsible individuals that will later be our contribution toward nation building.”

Prepare to soar high and be at the forefront of aviation careers by enrolling in WCC Aviation. Visit www.wccaviation.com or e-mail [email protected] for more information.


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