Vitarich to supply local markets with PHL-grown cream dory

PANGASIUS will bring back agricultural feeds manufacturer Vitarich Corp. on the radar screen of consumers through the recent launching of its Golden Dory line.

In a chance interview, Ricardo Manuel M. Sarmiento, Vitarich CEO, EVP, and sales and marketing director of Golden Dory for local consumers, said the company wants to promote the local dory to give domestic growers added income.  He said the company sees a high potential in the aquaculture industry once the local farming of pangasius goes into full swing,

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said production of pangasius can generate P650 million in investments, produce P945 million in sales, and create 3,000 jobs for Filipinos.

“We will be relaunching our core products and our food products starting with our Golden Dory line,” Sarmiento said. “Our first target for Cook’s Golden Dory is to displace the imports with locally farmed dory grown by Filipino farmers.”  Sarmiento said the recent decline of Pangasius production in Vietnam has given the country a window of opportunity to get a bigger share of the export market. By seizing a unique opportunity opened by the recent decline in production from Vietnam and as a firm response to the clamor for safer, more sustainable and traceable food products, Vitarich expands its operations into aquaculture by venturing into the local production of cream dory or pangasius.

Vitarich has a lofty goal that seeks to replace the imported cream dory products currently flooding the local market with Cook’s Golden Dory. Cook’s Golden dory uses pangasius grown in clean fishponds in Bulacan, Pampanga and Nueva Ecija, and is grown by Filipino fish-farming communities in those areas.

Sarmiento assured Cook’s Golden Dory does not undergo any harmful chemical processes like bleaching, and the fish is not subjected to any antibiotic treatments.

He added Cook’s Golden Dory uses Vitarich feeds and is farmed under conditions that adhere to strict quality guidelines that ensure sustainability for both the environment and the local communities. Using Vitarich feeds also ensures firmer meat during filleting and helps enhance the quality of the fish overall. Vitarich’s expansion with Cook’s Golden Dory comes after creditor Kormasinc Inc. invested in the company, with funds granted by Altus Capital and ADM Capital.

Vitarich, a pioneer in the local agricultural-feeds industry, was established by Feliciano, Lorenzo, and Pablo Sarmiento in 1950.

Vitarich is involved in the formulation, production, storage, and marketing of various animal and aqua feeds. It also supplies Cook’s chicken products through distributors and selected institutional accounts. Sarmiento said Golden Dory was developed based on the yellowish color of the pangasius, a guarantee that it has not been bleached. Golden Dory has finely textured flesh, and has a sweeter and more distinct flavor than the imported variety.

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Rizal Raoul S. Reyes has covered technology, science, business, property and special reports. He had working stints with the Business Star, Manila Bulletin and Independent Daily News.


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