The Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend In Las Vegas: Monster Physiques, Fitness Challenges And The Latest Sports Nutrition Supplements

In Photo: The author with professional bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato at the Elite Labs booth.

Las Vegas, Nevada—As a sidelight to the Mr. Olympia 2017 bodybuilding  and physique competitions held here early in September was the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

A conte sta nt participates in the “most push-ups in one minute” challenge.

The exhibit was an impressive display of the latest in sports nutrition supplements ranging from various forms of protein supplements; pre, post and intra workout drinks, powders, tablets and capsules; functional supplements, such as protein coffees, cookies, ice cream and any conceivable form of protein—all made available for sampling.

Booths were manned by male and female fitness models who have made it their business to keep their bodies as impressively muscled as humanly possible. From the ultra-ripped cover model types to massively huge bodybuilders, I have never seen such an impressive assembly of jacked bodies under one roof.

Leading supplement companies, such as MuscleTech, Rule1 Proteins and Elite Labs, unveiled their latest product lines, all with the single-minded objective of helping us achieve our fitness goals in the shortest possible time.

Free unlimited samples at the Rule1 Proteins booth.

Several exhibitors also hosted games and contests that, naturally, push visitors to their physical limits. At the MuscleTech booth, for instance, people were invited to do the most number of full push-ups in one minute for the chance to win the latest iPhone. The winner, for the record, was able to do around 108 push-ups in a single minute.

Samples of the latest supplements were handed out and/or sampled in the hundreds of booths on site. This event was awe-inspiring, leaving me breathless and splendidly motivated to carry on  with my fitness journey, and take as many of you  with me along the way.

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