Seminar on how to effectively optimize your tax savings

Tax optimization is no longer a matter just for the multinationals and large enterprises.  A growing trend of smart small and medium enterprise (SME) taxpayers globally are now tailoring their strategies originally drawn up for the big players, which are now adopted by smaller and medium-sized business organization.

To learn the secrets and tax-saving strategies utilized by these smart business organizations and individuals, the Center for Global Best Practices (CGBP) is running a special one-day seminar, entitled “Optimizing Tax Savings & Deductions—The Legal Way!” on January 11 at Hotel Del Rio, Iloilo City. For details and a complete list of seminars, check

In this learning event, you will gain valuable insights from over 100 years of combined experiences and the rich sources of research materials put together by CGBP tax group to be lectured by one of the most respected tax experts who will share his best practices in the implementation of an efficient and effective tax-planning program.   The valuable information you will learn in this seminar will become even more relevant with the imminent passage of the Philippine tax-reform law that increases the taxes across all industries in 2018. “The visit to Panay province is an opportunity to help big and small taxpayers in these areas to save them on their taxes,” CGBP Founder and President Henry Belleza Aquende said.

This comprehensive program will comprehensively discuss all the legally permissible means of avoiding taxes in all your transactions. This CPD-accredited lecture will include updates, examples, new regulations in specific situations, tax-minimization strategies, maximization of deductions, use of tax treaties, tools of estate planning, benefits under special tax laws, tax implications of selected Iinternational Accounting Standards, tax credits and refunds and remedies of taxpayers. All these will be discussed thoroughly to guide participants in executing their plans or solving their tax problems and issues effectively.


This special seminar will feature expert tax practitioner, lawyer Nicasio C. Cabaneiro, CPA. He is the partner in-charge of Tax Programs at the CGBP. He is a recognized authority in the practice of taxation and commercial law, with a track record and solid reputation of saving his clients across various industries billions in taxes. He is a sought-after lecturer and tax consultant of high net-worth families, individuals and business organizations to help them with their tax and other legal matters.

Interested participants may avail themselves of the group discounts for three registrants and early-registrations savings. Accountants attending this event will earn six CPD units.  This learning event is open to the general public.



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