Rice 101: Know and enjoy different kinds of PHL rice varieties

VERY few local rice brands today can say with pure honesty that they offer a wide variety of freshly milled home-grown and imported rice varieties that are GMO free, of high quality and consistently available at affordable prices.

In Photo: (L-R Upper: Sinandomeng, Sinandomeng Special rice, Sinandomeng Whole Grain rice, Dinorado Special rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, Japanese Rice, Intan Rice. L-R Bottom: Dinorado Regular, Long Grain, Dinorado Special rice, Organic Brown rice, Organic Red rice, Laon (Old Crop) rice, and Thai Whole Grain Premium rice.
In Photo: (L-R Upper: Sinandomeng, Sinandomeng Special rice, Sinandomeng Whole Grain rice, Dinorado Special rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, Japanese Rice, Intan Rice. L-R Bottom: Dinorado Regular, Long Grain, Dinorado Special rice, Organic Brown rice, Organic Red rice, Laon (Old Crop) rice, and Thai Whole Grain Premium rice.

Gone are the days when customers simply buy rice from the wet market. With the changing times, consumers now buy rice from supermarkets as they provide accurate weight, better storage translating to fresher rice and flexible marketing schedule.

For customers who want  to check what rice type matches their families’ preferences, Mrs. Lam defines each one in the simplest way possible.

Mrs. Lam’s topseller “Dinorado Special” rice is 100 percent Philippine rice variety that is characterized by its natural fragrant aroma, white, long grain, smooth, shiny and silky appearance. When cooked, it is sweet and has a fragrant aroma. Cooked Dinorado rice is also soft, slightly sticky with a chewy texture. Mrs Lam’s Dinorado rice has two variants of Dinorado rice; Dinorado Special which is 100 percent whole grain and  Dinorado, which has broken grains. Dinorado rice can be served as plain rice, fried rice, paella or any rice dish.

Another popular Mrs. Lam Rice variant is the “Sinandomeng,” a traditional favorite , which is white and  long grain. Cooked Sinandomeng is  soft, slightly chewy and fragrant specially when newly harvested. The Mrs. Lam Sinandomeng variants are  Sinandomeng Whole Grain, Long Grain, Sinandomeng Special, Intan and Sinandomeng. The difference lies purely in the percentage of whole and broken grains.

hf05b-111016Mrs Lam’s Dinorado, Sinandomeng, Long Grain and Intan varieties are local from farms in Nueva Ecija and Tarlac.

Laon or “old crop” refers to local rice milled from paddies that has been aged for at least a year from harvest to lower moisture content, which in turn produces 33 percent more yield, in popular parlance “maalsa.” As such cooking Laon rice needs at least two cups water to cook with one cup rice. Cooked “Laon” rice is generally characterized as soft when cooked, rises higher than common rice, grains areloose and fluffy thus best for fried rice. For  rice to be firm in texture, reduce the amount of water.  Add more water if you want softer rice. Mrs Lam’s Laon rice is from Cagayan and Isabela.

Mrs Lam’s Organic Red and Brown Rice are organically grown by Full of Grace Organic Agriculture Producers, an organization of small farmers, cooperatives and individual organic farmers strictly supervised under the guidance and leadership of the Diocese of San Jose, Nueva Ecija thru Gratia Plena Social Action Center who believe in natural and organic practices of producing healthy, organic, GMO free food. The FOGOAP is supervised according to the Organic Agriculture and Processing Standards set worldwide. Each farm undergoes rigid inspection and certification every cropping. Mrs Lam’s Organic Red and Brown Rice are guaranteed 100 percent Organically grown in safe, natural and organic farms using only organic inputs such as organic fertilizers, botanical extracts and nature’s life in the soil, free from chemical fertilizers, insecticides and the like.

For health buffs, people trying to lose weight and diabetics, Mrs. Lam Rice Organic Brown and Red rice are for you. Organically cultivated rice is better because it is free from residues of synthetic chemicals including pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilizers as they are unpolished with its bran and side hull intact thus providing it’s natural nutty flavor and texture. Organic Brown rice  is  a good source of fiber and has lower glycemic index thus helps reduce insulin spikes. It is also rich in protein, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Mrs Lam’s Organic Red Rice has the highest nutritional value compared to Organic Brown Rice and white rice. Aside from being rich in fiber, Organic red Rice has anti-oxidant pigment, anthocyanin, which reduces symptoms of inflammation, allergy relief, cancer prevention and weight loss management. Organic Red rice is also rich in vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc. Fiber aids in digestion, lowering cholesterol and bowel movement. Vitamin B is present in all organ function and energy production. Calcium promotes healthy bones, iron for blood supply and zinc for brain function. For health enthusiast and people who are trying to lose weight,  anemic, diabetic and heart patients, Mrs Lam’s Organic Red rice provides a healthy staple given its low glycemic index.

Due to its organic nature, it is recommended that Mrs Lam’s Organic rice be stored in an airtight container preferably in the refrigerator or a cool dry place away from the sun.

All local rice varieties are harvested twice a year around April-May and Septemberfrom farms in Nueva Ecija and Tarlac, freshly milled using state-of-the-art rice polishing and advanced laser sorting machines to ensure best quality rice at par with Thai standards.

Mrs Lam’s Thai Hom Mali Jasmine rice is guaranteed 100 percent authentic world renowned Thai Hom Mali Rice carefully selected from the pollution free northeastern region in Thailand. Mrs Lam’s Thai Jasmine rice is characterized by its natural fragrant aroma, white, thin, long grains, smooth, shiny and silky in appearance. When cooked, Mrs Lam’s Thai Jasmine produces a very fragrant aroma. It is white, soft, thin, long, fluffy and slightly chewy in texture. Mrs Lam’s Thai Jasmine rice is  imported from the producers of world renowned brands Golden Phoenix, Royal Umbrella and the like. Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is most fragrant when freshly harvested from November to February.

Mrs Lam’s Japanese variety rice or Japonica is guaranteed premium quality short grain variety (Oryza Sativa). When cooked, it is characterized by its natural fragrant aroma, unique stickiness and chewy texture. It’s grains are short, white, smooth, shiny and silky in appearance. Use Mrs Lam’s Japanese variety rice with various Japanese preparations such as gohan(plain steamed rice), chahan(fried rice), mochi(rice cake), rice rolls, sushi, and congee. It can also be used to cook risotto and paella dishes.

Mrs Lam’s Thai Whole Grain Premium Rice is long grain white rice from Thailand. Thai Premium rice is preferred in households and restaurants as it is white, fluffy and whole when cooked.

Mrs Lam’s Malagkit, glutinous or sticky riceis a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine. It can be steamed or boiled. Due to it’s lack of amylose, it is very sticky. Malgkit or Glutinous Rice thus can be used for congee, Kiamping or Chinese Paella, and desserts like mango with sticky rice or native delicacies such as suman and biko. It can also be mixed with Mrs Lam’s Dinorado rice to make sushi varieties.

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