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Story & photos by Jacqueline Salvador-Marvida

WITH 20 years of experience, Misso Co. Ltd. is exporting its juice extractor, which is a multipurpose food processor and an oil extractor. It was created to promote good health from green, leafy vegetables by juicing, instead of eating because the old juicers have poor quality and hard to use. While due to many fake oils in the market, Misso Co. Ltd. developed the oil-extractor machine for home use.

Chicken and eggplant skewers with cheese fondue and chili sesame oil

The product originated from Seoul, SouthKorea. It is from the same makers of Matstone, the slow juicer. Misso aims to give every consumer a lifestyle built on wellness to achieve a healthy and happier living. Misso means “smile” in Korea, but in Chinese characters Mi, means beauty, while So, means young girl. Before Misso/Matstone, the oil extractor was offered as an optional attachment until the company decided to develop a separate extracting machine. Thus the birth of Misso s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor can take out 100-percent natural oil from small seeds that promote holistic beauty right at your very own home. A 2017 Korea Superb awardee, the Misso Oil Extractor consists of white or black sesame oil, perilla seed oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, red chilli pepper, and evening primrose  seeds.

In modern age of technology and medicine, the rapid increase in demand of beauty products is inevitable and women are more motivated than ever to try a new beauty regimen. Most of these beauty products, however, may contain hazardous chemicals, which can be harmful if regularly taken in substantial amounts and can possibly be causes of diarrhea, nausea, skin irritations and other relevant side effects. Beauty enhancement should not put one’s health at risk, but, instead, it should encourage a healthy lifestyle. Loving one’s self is not limited to maintaining a figure or achieving a smoother skin. It is also essential to stay healthy. Thankfully, nature answers this dilemma by providing a beauty regimen.


Research has found that seed  oils are more than just natural alternatives to beauty products. White sesame seeds, for example, are proven to be helpful in reducing wrinkles, whitening underarms, and relieving eczema and psoriasis. Aside from that, it also has the potential to lower blood cholesterol, cure sleeping disorders and aid digestion.

Flax seeds can reduce cellulites and tighten the skin, while also being able to help menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps.

Black sesame seeds give a youthful glow and have the power to prevent cancer and relieve arthritis.

Chia seeds are ideal natural moisturizers, which help oily skin and clogged pores. It is also high in omega 3, which can help improve brain function. Seed oil extracts may also be used as a cooking element. It may be used as alternatives to the usual cooking oils, as extenders in baking or as flavors in condiments and sauces. This makes the seed oil versatile and very useful an essential that strikes beauty, wellness and flavor.

Commercially produce seed-oil extracts are far from affordable. This fact makes personal seed-oil extractors home essential. Some brands from countries around the globe have produced their own extractors the new Misso s2o Seed-to-oil Wonder Extractor, a Korean electronic brand, promises an efficient oil extractor which can extract up to 50 percent of oil from any small seed. The brand also introduces the concept of “superseeds”, where consumers may experiment with their own mix of seeds to produce various mixtures of seed-oil extracts not available in any market today. As the winner of the Korea Superb Brand Award for 2017, Misso s2o Seed-to-oil Wonder guarantees an oil extractor that’s safe, durable, and easy to use. The Misso s2o Seed-to-oil Wonder Extractor will be launched and available for orders starting end of June this year. Visit or you may check Misso s2o Seed-to-oil Wonder Extractor in selected appliance and specialty stores nationwide.

Seed oils can provide the right amount of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Most of the product we buy in stores for our body care needs processed goods. This means that the original vitamins and minerals of the ingredients use are diminished throughout the process to make a product.

There are over 10 seeds that can be used for extraction through the Misso s2o Seed-to-oil Wonder Extractor. Not only it is good for the health, it is the appliance every Filipino home needs for healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

Misso s2o Seed-to-oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corp. IAJ is also the distributor of premium brands, such as Australian appliance brand, Breville, Matstone and Goodphere.

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