QC online info database for lying-in clinics

For a faster and more accessible maternal and neonatal health services from privately owned maternity clinics, the local government of Quezon City recently launched the creation of Seal of Excellence (SoE) Plus, an online information-exchange database system composed of patient’s medical record for quick response in cases of emergencies.

The city government, through the Quezon City Health Department , has launched SoE Plus to allow the lying-in clinics in Quezon City to synchronize through the Internet the profiles of postpartum and newborn cases using the prescribed reporting template with the Referral Community Health Information Tracking System.

Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista highlighted the city’s initiative during the fifth Maternal and Neonatal Health Summit 2017 held in QC.

“The next step here is that we will connect the data of lying-in clinics in QC, lying-in data of private clinics, and later on connect them with all hospitals in QC,” Bautista explained.


He added the city government is encouraging more pregnant mothers to go to accredited lying-in clinics for safer and better delivery of maternal services.

During the Maternal and Neonatal Health Summit, Quezon City has awarded Seals of Excellence to a total of 44 private lying-in clinics.

The implementation of SoE Plus is part of the expansion of SoE program of the Quezon City government, which recognizes the efforts of private lying-in clinics to fully comply with the requirements and standards set by the city government, Philippine Health Insurance Corp. and the Department of Health.

According to Bautista, the general health of the city’s future residents starts from their birth. Hence “we should provide incentives to the private lying-in centers to maintain their high-level services to our residents.”

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