PICSPro to train core group of cyber security instructors

In Photo: The officers and staff of the Philippine Institute of Cyber Security Professionals pose in this October 1 photo: (from left) Sheyenne Almarvez, Angeli Ablir, Executive Vice President (VP) Joey Fontiveros, President Angel Redoble, Sabas Gasataya, Maj. Jennifer Jones Roderos and Assistant VP for Training and Education Gil P. Tario II.

Story & photo By Oliver Samson | Correspondent

THE Philippine Institute of Cyber Security Professionals (PICSPro) announced last week its plan to conduct a training for its core group of cybersecurity instructors in Manila before the year ends.

The participants will undergo a cybersecurity training developed by PICSPro itself, Maj. Joey T. Fontiveros, PICSPro executive vice president, said in an exclusive interview at the Philippine Army headquarters in the City of Taguig.

The training will produce people who will become defenders of the Philippine cyberspace and “globally competitive, globally acceptable, globally relevant and globally reliable” cybersecurity practitioners, Fontiveros told the BusinessMirror.

The training will cover network security, Web-application security, system security, access control, penetration testing, forensics and other major cyber security issues, Capt. Gil P. Tario II, PICSPro assistant vice president for Training and Education, added. Each participant will specialize in a particular cybersecurity field, according to Tario.

Upon completion of the training, the participants should meet the qualifications required by top companies that need cybersecurity services, he added.

“We produce cybersecurity practitioners whose skills are employable here and abroad.”

Fontiveros noted that “we are specializing in cybersecurity as it is a hot issue today.”

The core group of instructors that will emerge from the training will be responsible in communicating a standard cybersecurity training that PICSPro will conduct in the future to further strengthen its organization and advance its advocacy, he added.

Any person can be admitted into the trainings of PICSPro “as long as he is passionate in defending Philippine cyberspace,” Fontiveros said. PICSPro also invites underground hacktivists to come to the open and join the advocacy of the group for raising awareness on Philippine cyberspace and for securing it from threats coming from inside and outside the country.

“Our message is patriotic,” Fontiveros noted. “We have passion and direction. Being patriotic sometimes has no direction.” In an earlier interview, Angel Redoble, PICSPro president, said a number of patriotic hacktivists, who used to conceal their identity behind the mask brandished by Anonymous, has come out and joined the group.

PICSPro, which currently numbers about 400, is constituted by members from the Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, academe and other public and private organizations, Tario said.

The group is eyeing to conduct the cybersecurity training, which expects about 15 participants in November, he said. The people who will give the training are cybersecurity experts from PICSPro itself, Fontiveros said. Sessions would most likely be held during weekends and run for 10 months, Tario added. Fontiveros noted that all efforts by PICSPro are exerted ultimately toward securing the Philippine cyberspace along with stakeholders.


Image Credits: Oliver Samson

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Oliver Samson covers cybersecurity for the Business Mirror as correspondent. He wrote for the Manila Standard and the Philippine Daily Inquirer as correspondent before joining this news outfit in 2013. He publishes Rapid Planet Slashers, a website on cockfighting.



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