Partnership to boost Santa Lucia’s growth

In Photo: Arterra Residences in Cebu

A STRONG partnership has enabled Santa Lucia Land Inc. (SLI) to develop a strong position in the local property market and, at the same time, develop communities that will provide quality lives to Filipinos.  

Aquamira in Cavite (Waterpark)

“While the company has long been creating high-quality developments, we know that we need to work with people who understand our goals and share our vision for us to better reach our desired market,” SLI President Exequiel Robles said in an interview with the media on the sidelines of the company’s marketing campaign held on April 27 in Quezon City.

“For decades, Santa Lucia has been forging strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with various marketing arms that help us reach our target markets and showcase our developments,” he added.

He stressed partnerships have enabled SLI to be a competitive force in the property market. Moreover, Robles pointed out that the company’s seven marketing units will have a crucial role to promote and achieve its sales target of 15 percent this year. The marketing units are Santa Lucia Ventures, Santa Lucia Global, Royale Homes, Orchard Property Marketing Corp., Mega East, Fil-Estate Group, One Land Premiere and Asian Pacific.

“Our marketing force is one of our key success drivers. It has, over the years, led us to who we are today and will continue to bring us to new heights. The success of our marketing units is also a function of other factors, such as the location and quality of our projects,” Robles said.

Vicente R. Santos (from left), SLI chairman; Bea Alonzo, SLI brand ambassador; and Exequiel D. Robles, SLI president)

Robles commended SLI’s marketing arms for helping the company to ensure that the brand remains a top-of-mind choice, tapping the underserved market and treading on new territories that allowed the company to gain access to a new breed of homebuyers and investors.

Furthermore, he said the marketing units have helped SLI maintain its reputation as a credible and trustworthy developer even in the several boom-bust economic cycles.

Robles added SLI remains bullish as the brand continues to grow as the market is now armed with the information tools. He said the marketing units will help the company help its growth target.

“We have seen it before and we are seeing it again: The market will continue to evolve and it will change. But one thing is certain, they will always need a good and valuable investment in their portfolio and this is where we come in with the help of our marketing people,” Robles related. “They are the ones who will continue to deliver to our buyers the latest news about our projects. They are like brand ambassadors who know all our projects by heart. No one can better convey our message and the value of a Santa Lucia investment than that of our own marketers,” he further said.

Robles stressed SLI will remain steadfast and committed to its marketing partners in the same way that they are to the Santa Lucia brand. “And we look forward to further growing the brand, reaching for greater heights through their help. We will provide innovative, top-quality developments, but it is them who will help spread the good news of our latest offerings to the market.”

Meanwhile, SLI has tapped again actress Bea Alonzo as its brand ambassador for their projects—citing the positive response of the market. SLI has generated sales by the appeal of the Filipina-British talent.


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