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IF buying your dream Peugeot car is already that fulfilling, how much more if it includes a free travel package for two to visit the city of love? Or how about by simply test-driving a vehicle, you’ll get eligible for a raffle to win the same exact travel package for two? Well, that’s just as good as it gets because Peugeot Philippines is bringing back the full Peugeot experience with #DriveToParis2 and #TestDriveToParis for its customers following the success of the previous year’s program.

“Seeing the success of Drive to Paris last year, we are again making history by offering the Parisian vacation of a lifetime to customers who purchase a brand-new Peugeot 3008 SUV [sport-utility vehicle] or Traveller Premium MPV,” Peugeot Philippines President Glen Dasig said. “What’s more, we are upping the ante this year by raffling off our Paris getaway to those who test drive our new models, as well,” he added.

Peugeot is putting two of its newest models on the spotlight—the New 3008 SUV and the New Traveller Premium MPV.  With its striking aesthetics, innovative technologies and impeccable driving dynamics, the New 3008 SUV breaks the mold for conventional SUV and sets the standard for driving sensations. The New Traveller Premium MPV, on the other hand, is the brand’s answer to the need for a premium transport that offers the ultimate comfort for the traveling professional.

“We believe these two products perfectly embody the brand’s new and bold direction,” Dasig said. “They defy common yet tired expectations on what mobility should be, that is why we encourage our customers and potential clients to experience these products for themselves.”

“Peugeot’s unique identity owes much to its French roots,” Peugeot Philippines Marketing Director Karen Carvajal said. “So it is only natural that we promote our products and history by taking our customers to the place where our brand originated. We also aim to have more people experience our products back here at home,” she added.

In its home territory, Peugeot enjoys a very loyal following where it is known for its forward-thinking style and ingenious functionality. “Peugeot has a special place in the hearts of the French,” Carvajal explained. “This is mainly due to the fact that the brand itself values design and innovation—two traits that are intrinsically linked to the heritage of its mother nation.”


THE promo is open to all cash or purchase-order buyers of the New 3008 SUV and New Traveller Premium MPV.  The promo may be availed at the Peugeot dealerships in Alabang, Pasig, Quezon Avenue, Lipa, Negros, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.  Upon purchase of the vehicle, the customer will receive a Roundtrip airfare for two to Paris from Manila with three-day and two-night accommodations for two at a designated hotel in Paris.  Travel period will be from September 20 to October 11.  Note that the customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents, including a valid passport and visa. Promo period is until June 30.


THE promo is open to all customers who test-drive the New 3008 SUV and/or the New Traveller Premium MPV. To enter the raffle, customers will need to fill out the necessary documents before the actual test-drive.  After the test-drive, a link to an online survey will be sent via e-mail to the customer. Upon completion of the survey, the customer will receive an electronic raffle ticket as proof of entry to the raffle.  Likewise, promo period is until June 30.

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