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In Photo: E-FUSO heavy-duty EV truck and Isuzu FD-SI delivery-van concept

DURING the recently concluded 45th Tokyo Motor Show, the world finally witnessed the future of mobility highlighting electrified concept cars with cutting-edge technologies.

The ultramodern cabin of E-FUSO and E- FUSO’s game console-like steering and instrument panel

But it was not just the presence of concept passenger cars, sports coupe, off-road vehicles and motorcycles brought the excitement to the visitors. Even commercial vehicles had its shining moments that captured everyone’s imagination on what’s forthcoming for the hauling industry and more important the vast innovations already available today.

Perhaps, one of the crowd drawers, if not the most electrifying among the trucks was the massive E-FUSO heavy-duty EV truck. It’s the manufacturer’s concept model that symbolizes the electric truck of tomorrow. While the frame outline still embodies some of today’s tractor heads, the flowing profiles signify an ultramodern characteristic. Its electric battery can propel the truck to travel up to 350 kilometers in distance. What’s more astounding is the cabin layout which is far from what you see today. The simplest way to describe? Imagine a living room with comfy sofa surrounded with monitors on both sides and an information screen visible through the steering wheel. Well, if that’s how trucks are going to be like in the future, pretty sure more people would consider truck driving as a profession.

UD Truck’s new Quon flagship heavy-duty tractor head and Hino Poncho EV mini bus

Next was probably the most futuristic in terms of overall design, the Isuzu FD-SI concept delivery van on display envisions not only how carriages would look like in the years to come, but a new perspective of expressing how exciting the future of delivery could be. Notable on the flanks are the honeycomb patterns which are actually window compartments for loading. But inside is where the vast futuristic innovations lie. From the spaceship-like cockpit and helm up to the big screen upfront and small monitor displaying the rear view.

Another battery-operated mover on display was Hino’s Poncho EV which runs on full electric power. This mini bus can lodge 36 people (with 11 seated) easily through its low-floor design. Power comes from a 30KwH lithium-ion battery generating a massive 900 N-m of maximum torque. It only needed eight hours to fully charge and as fast as 30 minutes on a rapid charging system. 

The stunning Scania P410 and Toyota Sky, Ocean, River and Air EV Bus

Away from the group of transporters was Toyota’s very own Sky, Ocean, River and Air EV Bus. This full-sized bus features broad glass panels matching the glossy finish on the flanks. Power is derived from the same fuel cell system developed for the Mirai fuel-cell-vehicle. It has two 114 kW battery stacks with dual drive motors generating 152 hp and 355 N-m of maximum torque. Also, a total of 10 hydrogen tanks capacitating 600 liters is on board.  The expansive interior can accommodate almost 80 passengers (22 seated). Advanced features are also in place for ease of driving and assisting passengers, as well as pedestrian awareness.

Meanwhile, known truck manufacturers also showcased their latest models equipped with modern and game-changing features. One of which is UD Truck’s new Quon flagship heavy-duty tractor head. With the company’s tagline “Innovation that puts people first,” the new model brings smooth and stress-free driving experience. True enough, the new cabin layout is totally modern, ergonomic and conducive—with all control panels surrounding the driver plus the comfy seats. Further, powertrain has been downsized in terms of displacement in order to be lightweight and eco-friendly.

Last, the stunning Scania P410 which is part of the new range of heavy-duty trucks. The result of the manufacturer’s 10 years of development would enable these models to deliver 5-percent cut on average fuel consumption. This is apart from the company’s drive to present their new range as premium models to the market.

Image Credits: Randy S. Peregrino

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