Momoland members meet and greet Filipino fans

In Photo: Nancy is the most popular member in the Philippines because she is said to resemble popular actress Liza Soberano.

WHAT Filipino hasn’t heard of the Korean girl group song “Bboom Bboom?”

Momoland, the group responsible for “Bboom Bboom,” is very popular in the Philippines. In the Facebook fan page MOMOLANDOfficial, which has over 600,000 followers, more than 53 percent of those live around these parts.

BusinessMirror was present at the meet-and-greet (which was streamed on Facebook Live) with Momoland’s top fans in the Philippines. Only seven members—Nancy, Joo E, Daisy, Hye Bin, Ahin, Jane and Taeha—made it to the Philippines. The two others—Nayun and Yeon Woo—had other commitments elsewhere and did not join the trip. The group was here for a private function.

While in the Philippines, the members also appeared on a noontime variety show and did interviews. During the fan meet, the Momoland members posed for photographs, answered questions and did a few dance steps.  “We were pressured after ‘Bboom Bboom.’ But we were just telling ourselves to enjoy the moment,” said Daisy.

“It’s truly amazing for us to connect with our fans through the Merry-Go-Round fan club and Facebook Group in the Philippines. We have such fantastic fans from around the world, and through Facebook, we get to share with them what we do everyday in fun and really engaging ways. On some days the Merries get to see the fun and hard work behind our music in real time and seeing them get as excited as we are is really something that’s important to us. To finally be here in person in Manila to meet some of our fans is really a thrilling experience,” said Nancy.

In the Philippines, Nancy is perhaps the most popular Momoland member because she is said to resemble popular young actress Liza Soberano.

“I searched for Liza’s pictures when I learned about that. She is gorgeous. I am honored,” said Nancy.

“I still can’t believe it. I just follow their posts and watch all their videos on Facebook and they’ve always made us fans feel connected with them. Meeting Momoland is truly a dream come true. The connection that started on Facebook led to this amazing experience,” said Bryan Uy, one of Momoland’s top fans in the group’s official Facebook fan group.

“Filipinos are highly engaged and very active in building communities on Facebook, whether it’s to create social impact or share their interests, and to connect with one another. In fact, people in the Philippines have created more than a million Facebook Groups. We’re excited to help fans in the Philippines get closer to their K-pop idols, such as Momoland through Facebook Groups and fan Pages on Facebook,” said Trixie Canivel, Facebook strategic partnerships manager, entertainment, Southeast Asia.

Image Credits: Gianna Maniego

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