MMDC uses environment-friendly tech in mine rehab, reforestation

AMID criticisms leveled against large-scale mining operations, Marcventures Mining and Development Corp. (MMDC) maintains its claims that the company uses “environment friendly” technology in mine-rehabilitation and reforestation.

The company issued a statement following Environment Secretary Roy A. Cimatu’s challenge to mining companies at a conference last month to go beyond simply crafting responsible mining slogans but to practice and show what responsible mining is all about.

During his speech, Cimatu cited the industry’s failures, linking large-scale mining operations to massive environmental destruction.

In a statement, MMDC said mine rehabilitation, an important factor in environmental sustainability, involves returning the land to its natural state postoperation through well-researched strategies of “re-vegetation” and regeneration of natural ecosystem. Rehabilitation involves a comprehensive process of classifying the overburden materials, land re-contouring and reforestation or so-called re-vegetation.

MMDC said at the Carrascal mine in Carrascal, province of Surigao del Sur, environmental works aimed at restoring disturbed areas are carried out progressively as soon as practicable.

“The objective of mine rehabilitation is to create a structurally stable landform capable of future productive use,” MMDC said in a statement.

MMDC’s Pili mined-out area recently underwent slope stabilization, benching and an ongoing installation of coconut net or “coconet”.  Coconets are made of fibers from dried coconut husks.

A hydro-seeding technology as a field trial is being observed by MMDC to see the applicability of environmental solutions offered by Maccaferri for mine rehabilitation.

This particular technology promises to answer the problems of erosion control, insufficient topsoil, and the hassle of extensive preparation and lack of organic value of in-situ mine site rehabilitation.

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