Korea’s Cuckoo water purifiers launched in the Philippines

In Photo: (From left) Mitchell Chan (Cuckoo Malaysia Senior Manager), Micky Park (Cuckoo Korea General Manager, Edwin Hilapad (Cuckoo Philippines CEO), Brian Koo (Cuckoo Korea CEO), KC Hoe (Cuckoo Malaysia CEO), AIreen Gara (Cuckoo Philippines CFO) Jessie Fojas (Cuckoo Philippines COO)

HELPING every Filipino in their journey to better health and wellness is Cuckoo, the No. 1 smart home appliances brand in Korea.

hf05a-101316Cuckoo, which is a play on the word “cook”, has been the leading brand of rice cooker in Korea for over 14 years, selling over 25 million units worldwide. It was ranked No.1 in the NBCI (National Brand Competitiveness Index) nine years in a row by the Korean Productivity Center, and was awarded the Korea Prestige Brand Award in the Water Purifier category in 2014.

Today, Cuckoo brings its award-winning kitchen, healthcare and home living technology to the delight of all homemakers in the Philippines.

Recently, Cuckoo’s CEO Brian Koo came to the country to launch the trusted brand into the local market. Joining him as well were representatives of Cuckoo International: Cuckoo Malaysia CEO KC Hoe and team; Cuckoo Korea General Manager Micky Park; and Cuckoo Philippines’ CEO Edwin Hilapad, COO Jessie Fojas and CFO Aireen Gara.

Cuckoo’s Water Purifiers will be the first to be introduced in stores, but soon, its other smart appliances such as its rice cookers and air purifiers will be available in your favorite malls and appliance centers.

Over the next few years, Cuckoo is eyeing to employ more than a hundred individuals to grow its service personnel.

Cuckoo offers healthier, safer drinking water

Through its water purifiers, Cuckoo aims to make households safer by providing the cleanest, safest and healthiest alkaline water for all families. Every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3.4 million people die due to water-related diseases, and 99 percent of these cases come from developing countries. Cuckoo considers this astonishing, as many of these cases can be avoided.

Noticeably, the demand for water purifiers worldwide has surged over the past five years, and Cuckoo, with its perfected and patented filtration technology, brings Filipino homemakers a convenient alternative to buying mineral water.

Most Filipino households today buy water in the gallons, which are delivered to their doorstep. This, in the long run, is costly, time-consuming and more labor-intensive than installing a Cuckoo Water Purifier directly to your tap.

Unlike other products available in the current market, Cuckoo’s water purifiers are designed to dispense mild-alkaline water that is rich in minerals and has an average pH level of 7.5, well within WHO recommendations. This water is free of dangerous heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and arsenic, which are filtered by Cuckoo’s Nano Positive Filter.

Cuckoo’s cutting edge design and patented 6 stage filtration technology – which includes a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, natural filter and nano-positive filter – ensure safety, quality and confidence. The natural filter and nano-positive filter (both patented technologies of Cuckoo) remove heavy metals, bacteria, and harmful substances that are found in water, while preserving all good minerals.

According to many health professionals, alkaline water is the most recommended type of water for consumption as it helps to balance the pH levels in the body. Its mild alkalinity neutralizes the acids in the body created by stress, toxins and a high acidic food diet.

To ensure that your appliance continues to work at its optimum level, and as part of its impressive after-sales service, Cuckoo offers free cleaning of your unit. Cuckoo will provide a dedicated technician who will regularly sterilize your water purifier for free.

For more information about Cuckoo’s line of products, visit www.cuckoo.com.ph.