Jesus heals a deaf and mute man

23 Sunday in Ordinary Time: ‘Mark 7:31-37’

The gospel today is another one of the many wonderful messages of God’s love through His Son. It reminds us that the physical healing Jesus performed are but illustrations of what He can do in the spiritual realm.

We may have a good mind and a healthy body today. We might not be blind, deaf, crippled, paralyzed or mentally challenged today, but if we are lost, we have a far more serious handicap than any physical handicap ever endured by anyone in history.

When we are lost, we cannot hear God. We cannot see what He is doing. We cannot serve Him. We cannot walk for Him. Our spiritual body is crippled, and if we die in that condition, we will be lost for eternity.  When Jesus heals us, He does not see His healing powers as a sign of His divinity but as loving proof of the Father’s mercy and goodness. He heals us because He is filled with compassion.

When we are in the presence of the Heavenly Father, the harshness of the human experience becomes clearer. The closer we live to the heart of God, the more we can feel the heartache of our fellowmen. The secret of compassion is a life of close communion with God.

Jesus may have saved you and me by the same blood and the same Gospel, but I guarantee you that He used different methods in each of our lives. Jesus works on all of us at a personal level. He works in our life in a manner unique to each one of us. He reaches out and touches us. Meeting Jesus in our life is joy in itself. The life of the deaf and mute man will never be the same again after being touched by Jesus. He changed everything for the man, and He can do the same for us.

He will do the same for any person who comes to Him today. He cares about us and knows what we are going through. That no matter what we are facing today, we will find help and hope in Him. This is how He does all things well!

Today, let us join together and pray that we see the wonders of His love, to hear His voice that calls out, to sing his praises and to know when to rest quietly with Jesus.


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Msgr. Sabino Azurin Vengco, Jr., SThD, is a priest of the Diocese of Malolos, hailing from Hagonoy, Bulacan. His more than fifty years of priestly life and ministry has been focused on teaching the faith in various theological faculties and also on mass media, and in looking after the welfare of elderly and sick Filipino priests nationwide.