Insurance Commissioner Funa commends Eternal Plans

Insurance Commissioner Dennis B. Funa

Insurance Commissioner Dennis B. Funa commended Eternal Plans Inc. for staying strong and resilient in the face of the many challenges besetting the local preneed industry today.

In a message for the 37th anniversary of Eternal Plans, Funa also lauded the company for its efforts to continue serving its clients satisfactorily despite the difficulties. “For more than three decades now, you have been pushing through the torrents of change in order to realize your vision to be a leading world-class preneed company offering superior yet affordable products and services to satisfactorily address the needs of planholders,” Funa said.

Citing the most recent Pre-Need Forum held in early February, where the Insurance Commission and the insurance and preneed industries collectively acknowledged and recognized the “pressing need to be better consumer champions at a time of growing complex demands from an increasingly digital society,” Funa urged Eternal Plans to continue “with a higher level of excellence, professionalism and dedication toward meeting the customers’ needs.”

Funa also expressed his confidence that Eternal Plans will continue to do well and be a key player in the business. “I trust that Eternal Plans will once again be one of the pillars that will lead the preneed industry toward transformation and finding sustainable ways to capture the trust and deliver on the promise of being a reliable partner of the Filipino in building a secure future,” he said.



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