Innovative new products enable Splash Corp. to outpace industry growth

Innovative products that have become instant hits in the market have allowed Splash Corp., the leading homegrown personal- care products company in the Philippines, to grow four times faster than industry. Philippine revenues of Splash personal care for the first semester of 2017 amounted to P1.679 billion, which was a growth of 7 percent over the same period last year. Kantar, a market-research firm, estimates that total personal care growth was a flat 2 percent.

Leading the growth of Splash personal care was Maxi-Peel Zero, an exfoliant product launched only in January this year. With the help of a dynamic television advertising campaign, a strong social-media presence and word-of-mouth endorsement, the product has now become the leading SKU of Splash personal care.

“The growth in sales of Maxi-Peel Zero in just seven months has been phenomenal. We attribute this success to Splash Corp.’s deep affinity with the Filipino consumer, built over many years, which allows us to continuously anticipate and provide the products that Filipino consumers need,” said Marco Nieto, general manager of the Splash Philippine operations division.

Consumers appreciate Maxi-Peel Zero’s benefit of deep exfoliation without redness or peeling through its unique and innovative formulation of microexfoliants and skin vitamins. Endorsements from satisfied consumers and repeat sales underline the product’s efficacy and safety, personal-care product attributes that are paramount to consumers.


Splash’s original forecast for Maxi-Peel Zero was proven extremely conservative, as sales reached four times as forecast. Fortunately, the agile manufacturing and distribution capabilities of Splash proved equal to the challenge, and product availability at the retail level has been excellent.

While Maxi-Peel Zero was the leading Splash product in terms of sales growth, there were other products launched that were also well received in the market. Hygienix soap, Splash’s first foray into the mainstream soap market, is showing gratifying growth in the germicidal-soap sector. Other new products launched were Flawlessly U Kojic-Gluta Soap, and Vitress Hair Freshener, the first-ever hair-freshener product in the Philippine market.

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