Hino haulers now Euro 4-compliant

In Photo: The 700 and 500 series tractor heads

Story & photos by Randy S. Peregrino

ONE of the country’s leading trucks and buses providers Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) recently launched its array of Euro 4-compliant fleet. Aside from complying with government regulations and responding to the industry’s call for innovative transport solutions, Hino’s new Euro 4-compliant commercial vehicles will offer increased engine durability at greater cost efficiency and less carbon footprint. The manufacturer is also keen in addressing the growing demand of more efficient and environment-friendly commercial vehicles, while upholding its commitment to deliver total support to Filipinos.

Marubeni Corp. Deputy General Manager Yusuke Miki (from left), HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills Jr., Hino Motors Ltd. Senior General Manager Masahiro Kumasaka, HMP President Hiroshi Aoki and Hino Motors Ltd. Managing Officer Shigehiro Matsuoka

Spearheading the momentous event was none other than HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills Jr. “We are very excited to share our latest vehicles with our valued partners. As a reliable one-stop shop, we are equipped to provide 360-degree support to all our client’s trucking requirements—from assembly to chassis, body, and more important, aftersales and maintenance,” he said. The company also perceives the current administration’s aggressive infrastructure program as an opportunity for the trucking industry. “The boom in infrastructure construction increases opportunities for transport businesses, truck and bus requirements over the next couple of years. The rise in domestic travel activities will also provide more impetus to the bus industry. Any increase in the movement of people will require the services of modern busses. Further, fleet replacement in compliance with Euro 4 and such requirements will translate into more sales,” Mills explained.

Also present during the event was HMP President Hiroshi Aoki. “Hino is honored to have been given the opportunity to incorporate this ecological innovation to the Hino quality of trucks and buses. As we affirm out commitment to supporting the community, we will continue to leverage our ability to assemble and distribute quality trucks and buses designed to address the different needs of Filipinos in the most efficient way possible,” he said.

Hino’s version of the modern jeepney adapts a minibus design.

HMP showcased their complete lineup of Euro 4-powered fleet of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Under the Hino 300 series were the refrigerated van, cargo crane, cab and chassis, plus the Cerito mini bus all fitted with the same 4.0-liter, inline four-cylinder, overhead valve, direct injection type and electronic control common rail diesel engine. It generates 134 horsepower and 390 N-m of maximum torque coupled to a five-speed synchromesh with overdrive manual transmission. Also displayed was the Hino Jeepney representing the manufacturer’s prototype entry to the government’s public-utility vehicle modernization program. While being dubbed as a modern jeepney, the overall exterior and interior design suggests that it’s more of a minibus. Built to accommodate a 23-seating capacity, it utilizes the Hino 300 series platform, including the powertrain.

Under the heavy-duty truck segment, lined up were the Hino 700 series tractor heads fitted with 12.9-liter, inline six-cylinder, overhead valve, direct injection type and electronic control common rail diesel engine. This massive motor generates 443 horsepower and a staggering 1,912 N-m of maximum torque, which is mated to 16-speed synchromesh with overdrive manual gearbox. The modern-designed bus Grandeza II, meantime, is being propelled by a turbocharged with intercooler 7.6-liter, inline six-cylinder, overhead valve, direct injection type and electronic control common rail diesel engine capable of dishing out 247 horsepower and 739 N-m of maximum torque. It is paired to six-speed synchromesh with overdrive manual gearbox.

Meanwhile, HMP also presented the new Hino 500 medium-duty series as an addition to the manufacturer’s expanding truck segments. Currently available in tractor-head and wing-van platforms, which is powered by a turbocharged with intercooler 8.8-liter, inline six-cylinder, overhead valve, direct injection type and electronic control common rail diesel engine capable of dishing out 335 horsepower and 1,275 N-m of maximum torque. It is paired to nine-speed synchromesh with overdrive manual gearbox.

Aoki also shared his insight on the company’s decision to finally include the medium-duty series in their truck range. “Since the establishment of Hino, we already have the 500 series, but unfortunately, the Philippine market is quite unique. Even though we have the 500 series, the market is not so big and limited. Only the government or the local government will choose that size. But this time, along with the Euro 4 change, we have the full model change 500 series, so we want to introduce more.” He further explained that local governments are now more active in utilizing various platforms, such as water tankers and medium-sized dump trucks and those applications exactly fit the 500 series. “This new platform will also target businesses involved in logistics necessitating medium-sized haulage with short-distance travel ideally within the Metro.”

Image Credits: Randy S. Peregrino

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