Healthway’s business: Flexibility and Adapting Accessibility

WHEN it comes to risk, Howden Philippines’ CEO Jeremy Jacob Abaño is no stranger. Before joining the UK-based risk advisory and insurance broking group as its top executive, Abaño was a risk engineer and adviser on the non-life side. “I evaluate risks for a living but these risks are of companies, risks of our client’s operations and anything in connection with our company’s operations,” Abaño said in an interview. But although this has been his risk background, applying these analyses to life situations became handy as he talked about his health and how his health has been taken cared of by Healthway.

“Somehow, you get to apply those risk evaluations in your day-to-day life, evaluating what risks you are going in to and in every decision you make, health is also included.”

The Healthway experience

For more than five years Abaño has been with Healthway and, during this time, his executive checkups (ECU) and consultations have been accommodated by Healthway, and so far, the experience and investments were worth every dime.


Abaño has been visiting Healthway’s Alabang Town Center (ATC) branch. Even before he joined Howden Philippines, Abaño has been with Healthway in his previous companies and, according to him, “My experience has always been delightful in a way that you feel special.”

Abaño stressed that Healthway’s staff are always smiling, accommodating and happy to greet you. “When it is your turn, you will feel that you are really taken cared of because of their undivided attention, they are attentive to their clients’ needs.”

Even with the doctors of Healthway, the insurance broker CEO was impressed with the professionalism of  the doctors, “My understanding is that these doctors are also practising in major hospitals.” This fact made him feel secure and comfortable knowing that the doctors of Healthway are respected and recognized in other major health institutions.

Abaño also stressed that Healthway understands the needs of its clients. He explained one of his experiences where he had to go to an urgent meeting but he had a checkup at Healthway in three hours, which he might not make due to his urgent meeting. “A Healthway staff made way to put me on an earlier schedule.”

“We’re also in a service industry, and when you want to treat your clients like a VIP, you go out of your way and try to be as flexible as you can. In the same way we, at Howden, treat all our clients as VIPs,” Abaño expressed. “I felt like I was a VIP at Healthway.”

Game-changer opinions

Healthway has been providing client satisfaction through its highly approved health services for 20 years. And for two decades serving the Filipinos and the rest of its clients, Healthway is in the right position to adapt more accessibility to continue providing satisfactory services to its clients.

Abaño, in an interview, suggested that Healthway can set the bar high in health services by extending operational hours and opening new branches out of malls. “I think one thing that would be a game changer in that whole space would be availability or accessibility,” he said. Being the youngest CEO in the insurance industry, this 35-year-old executive surely knows the concerns of most employees such as the millennials. “Nowadays we have a lot of BPOs, we have clients that are from BPOs and one of their outcries is that they can’t go to a clinic-based treatment facility after office hours when they need it,” Abaño lamented. He described that most of these employees end up going in hospitals and pay higher bills.

“It’s something that I want to see because it provides accessibility,” Abaño said. He added that it’s not just for BPO employees, it’s for everyone, since one’s health issues are not timed.

Looking forward with Healthway

Abaño believes that one can do more when one is healthy. “When it comes to health and wellness, I strongly believe that it’s the foundation for us to achieve whatever goals we have in our lives,” he said. “You’d always be faced with a lot of challenges, a lot of stress, and if you are not at a good level of wellness, I think it would be difficult to survive.”

On a personal level, Abaño’s family is also on Healthway services. “My wife goes to Healthway as well for her annual checkup,” he said.

For his company, Howden Philippines, Abaño chose Healthway for the executives and has recently renewed their contract with Healthway. Even with their clients, Abaño said, “We espouse health and wellness for our clients, especially for those that consult us on employee benefits,” pertaining to the options they offer to their clients at Howden. “Having their checkups is also something that is critical for them and we included Healthway as a potential provider for our clients.”

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