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In Photo: The Corol Roller mimics the effects of a Shiatsu massage and is waterproof so you can use it in the tub.

THERE’S no doubt that people can’t live without gadgets. The first thing we do when we wake up is check our mobile phones. We clean our house using high-tech vacuum cleaners. We style our hair using blow-dryers that cut the drying time by half. Even our watches are now gadgets. They measure our heartbeat and the number of steps we’ve taken in a day.

Health is an area where many gadgets have been developed to make things more convenient for users. I remember owning a watch that had a heart-rate monitor. I also had another watch that also functioned as a pedometer.

There are now gadgets that are solely for health purposes.

Elecom, one of  Japan’s leading gadgets and accessories store, has made health technology available for health-conscious Filipinos.


For those who seek a toned body but don’t have the time to go to the gym, the E-Clear Lean Set (P3,390 for one set that includes the device and gel pad) introduces muscle tightening to help activate your muscles during short exercises. Applying medium and low frequency to activate the muscles through pulsation, the E-Clear Lean Set mimics a muscle workout by itself, and could be worn while stretching or doing training exercises to further stimulate the tightening of muscles.

The E-Clear Lean Set mimics a muscle workout by itself, and could be worn while stretching or doing training exercises.

The E-Clear Lean Set has four programs built into the main device and comes with a gel pad, which can be applied to key muscle points that you want to tighten: arms, triceps, the obliques, lower belly, quads or buttocks, legs and hamstrings, and lower legs. Using the gadget’s deep frequency setting, parts of the body with thicker fat (such as the thighs and the belly) can be stimulated and put to work. The low frequency allows the body to perform longer exercises without feeling fatigue. To get E-Clear Lean’s full effectivity, it is recommended that you use it while stretching so that your tendons are activated and flexibility is improved.

The Elecom Corol Roller (P2,990), meanwhile, is perfect for aching muscles and body parts. This wireless roller is an electric, rechargeable device that relieves sore muscles and swelling in the lower limbs. Making use of strong vibrations made more impactful by pointed wheels that roll against the skin, the Corol Roller mimics the effects of a Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese finger-massage method that involves applying pressure to several points in the body, releasing tension and relieving the body of muscle aches.

The Corol Roller’s ergonomic, handy design allows the user to expertly target pain and acupressure points in the body, effectively relieving specific aches and pains. It targets lower limbs, such as the sole, the dorsal area of the foot, ankles, lower legs and knees, as well as certain parts of the upper body like the shoulder blade area and arms. The Corol Roller is also waterproof and canbe used while taking a hot soak in the tub. It comes with a main body and a dedicated USB cable for charging.

Health-related gadgets aren’t supposed to make us lazy. Rather, they were made to help cut the down the time we spend exercising. Some people would still rather spend more time working out and that’s great. Others don’t have the time but they’d still want to be fit; these gadgets are for them.

Get the E-Clear Referee, E-Clear Lean and Corol Roller in all Elecom stores, or follow @elecomph on Facebook and Instagram for more information. Elecom products are available in the following stores: Elecom SM City Marikina, Elecom SM City North Edsa, Elecom SM Southmall, Elecom Ayala Nuvali Solenad, Urbanize Shangri-La and Urbanize Uptown Mall.

For more information about its products, follow Elecom on Facebook and Instagram. n


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