First-ever private e-shuttle in BGC

In Photo: Present during the ribbon-cutting ceremony were TN G CEO Charlie Rufino, TN G copresident Ramon Rufino, EMotors president Elizabeth Lee (second, third and fourth from left, respectively), and TN G co-president Atty. Tina Samson (third from right.

BONIFACIO Global City (BGC) has become one of the major business and leisure hubs in the Metro—and still continuously developing.

But unlike the Makati CBD and Ortigas Center, means of public transports roaming around the area are only limited to the BGC buses (with strategic pick-up and drop-off points), cabs and transport network vehicle services. Nevertheless, the stroll paths within the blocks provide a shorter distance should you prefer to walk going to office buildings. Now imagine there’s a free private shuttle that could transport you from the primary public-transport station in Market! Market! to the Net Park building or vice versa.  Sounds great, right?

Th e passenger portion can accommodate four adults.

Understanding these circumstances along with the goal to provide excellent services to building tenants, The Net Group (TNG) formed a partnership with EMotors that would eventually set the trend on shuttle service. The collaboration between the country’s largest green office building developer and electric three-wheel vehicles local manufacturer conceived the first-ever private electric shuttle service within the area.  “Today is a very exciting moment for us as we launch the first-ever private electric shuttle service within BGC, which will run from Net Park to Market! Market! and vice versa.  This is going to be free so it’s not a money making venture,” said TNG Co-president Raymond Rufino. 

Th e passenger portion can accommodate four adults.

“We want to help alleviate the stress of commuting for TNG staff and our tenants even within a short range of radius with the free point-to-point ZÜM electric shuttle, one that also supports our corporate sustainability goals,” he added.  TNG’s alliance with EMotors constitutes the developer to pioneer the utilization of sustainable, pure electric vehicles to serve the transport needs of its staff, officers and tenants starting with their two buildings, Net Park and Net Lima located at the heart of upscale Bonifacio Global City (BGC).


EMotors Inc., on the other hand, is also a social enterprise that promotes the use and benefits of ZüM (e-trikes) as passenger e-shuttles. Company President Elizabeth H. Lee was also present during the turnover ceremony.  “The endeavor provides for a win-win-win situation for all stakeholders where the company, the people and the city gain from the obvious benefits of using zero-emission, zero-noise electric vehicles,” she said.  Lee also emphasized the importance of the project, which also aimed to help tackle three major social issues such as Women’s Welfare—where majority of the e-shuttle drivers are women; Livelihood Creation—where drivers get to earn a living that is less taxing, more enjoyable and fulfilling; and Environmental Protection by limiting environmental degradation, pollution and supporting clean air efforts.

“By working together, we co-create mutual value. We connect with visionary leaders and citizens who put importance in transforming the way we live, work, play, one that jump-starts a radical change in how we move around our communities and lessen our impact on the environment,” Lee added.

Presented were six units of ZüM (e-trikes) in vibrant red shade with mocha-colored seats drapery.  The passenger portion of the vehicle can accommodate up to four adults.  It’s relatively comfy for a short trip, quiet and certainly emission-free. “It’s a first time and nobody has done anything like this—a point-to-point electric vehicle shuttle.  We want to take it easy and we want to make sure that the commuters who are going to use it are happy,” Rufino explained. 

Initially, this first-ever electric shuttle program within BGC will have a test run until December.  If the results suggest continuity, TNG intends to even broaden the coverage. “If it does well, we’re hoping to expand it and, hopefully, offer more units next year,” Rufino added.  For now, the service is being offered to TNG personnel, Net Park and Net Lima building tenants through registration in order to secure a sticker on their IDs, which will serve as an identifier for eligibility. 

Image Credits: Randy S. Peregrino

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