Eggs as the new superfood: Reasons to add them to your healthy diet

Eggs are a staple for most kitchen households. You can cook them many ways (fried, sunny-side up, scrambled or poached) and they taste good with almost everything. A nice helping of bacon wouldn’t be complete without eggs on the side for breakfast, as much as it doesn’t feel right when your bangus doesn’t have a serving of it for dinner.

Eggs are so beloved that there is actually a day dedicated to celebrating it. In the Philippines  premium egg provider Bounty Fresh was the first brand to celebrate the first-ever World Egg Day 2017 last October 12, in Eastwood Mall, Quezon City. The annual celebration is honored in countries like the US, UK, Australia Austria, and Vietnam every second Friday of October. For the first-ever celebration in our country, the spotlight was placed on the nutritional value of the food.

The health benefits of eggs

According to the Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), integrating eggs in our regular diet can bring us a lot of health benefits. They contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that the cells in our body needs to produce energy, and helps lower the risk of heart disease, thanks to choline—a nutrient that breaks down an amino acid in the body that increases the risk for congenital diseases.


Moreover, eggs are also inexpensive but quality sources of protein. Half of an egg’s protein component is found on its whites alone, together with vitamin B2. Since they are high in protein, they are also good additions to the diet of those wanting to lose weight. Protein is among the most filling macronutrients, which means they can induce the sensation of fullness and, therefore, lower calorie intake.

An ‘eggciting’ meal for the whole family

While many love their fair share of eggs during breakfast, they are versatile enough to be turned into recipes for other meal times. Want something more fancy than your usual scrambled creation for the holidays? Try the easy Spinach and Feta Frittata recipe of Chef Stephanie Zubiri. Using only eight ingredients and a smattering of herbs depending on your preference, this dish can upgrade your usual egg recipes into fancier ones perfect for a day of celebration with the family.

When creating your favorite egg dishes, make sure to choose the right eggs that can give you the most nutritional value. A good choice is Bounty Fresh’s Specialty White Eggs, which are harvested from hens fed with nutrient-enriched feeds.

Choose from four varieties of Specialty White Eggs according to your needs. The Bounty Fresh Nutri-Filled variety is a good addition to your kids’ diet because they are the first lays in a batch, meaning they contain all the important and concentrated nutrients and amino acids essential for their growing bodies.

Then there’s the Bounty Fresh Vitamin E Enriched Eggs, which are rich in the popular antioxidant that helps keep our skin look glowing and youthful. If you want something that’s good for the heart, however, go for the Bounty Fresh Omega-3 Enriched Eggs, which can help decrease stoke and heart failure by being rich in the fatty acid. Last but not the least is the Bounty Fresh Organic Selenium Enriched Eggs, which contains the essential antioxidant that can strengthen the immune system, prevents brain function loss and reduces the risk of certain cancers like breast cancer.

The company also produces its special brown eggs harvested from hens raised in well-maintained open pastures. Together with sunshine, exercise and the right feeds, their hens produce eggs with nutrient-rich yolks. The eggs are also tastier because of the environment on which the hens are raised.

Bounty Fresh has two kinds of brown eggs. First is the Cage-Free Eggs variety, which are produced by hens kept and raised in a sealed environment designed to protect the animas from climactic stress. Because of the high physical activity they are subjected to and the nutritious feeds given to them, these hens also lay eggs packed with nutrients. Second is the Fresh Free Range Eggs, which are produced by hens left to walk and roam around. Free to do natural activities and exposed to fresh air, they produce nutritious and tasty eggs because of the exposure given to them.

Eggs are an essential component to add to anyone’s diet. You can get creative with them while reaping the nutritional benefits. Choose good quality eggs like the ones produced by Bounty Fresh, a company which puts the effort in improving its products through the extensive attention to detail it applies to its production process. Change the way you enjoy your favorite egg dishes by going for varieties packed with nutritional benefits. Grab a tray (or two.) of Bounty Fresh’s eggs from your nearest supermarkets now.


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