DPWH renews drive vs. road, traffic sign obstruction

The public works department will take a proactive signs against politicians whose campaign materials are obstructing traffic signs, its chief said on Wednesday.

Public Works (DPWH) Secretary Mark A. Villar said his group is calling on the public to report road right-of-way  (ROW) violations, specifically signs with road messages and advertisements installed or displayed within areas of easement.

“Although DPWH field personnel nationwide continuously monitor and remove unnecessary signs within 6-meter easement on each direction of our national roads, we still ask the public to be of assistance and provide us with any information of ROW violations so we can immediately act on them,” he said.

His call was made after recent reports of unauthorized gantry signs installed within the ROW of national roads.

Under Section 23 of Presidential Decree (PD) 17, also known as the Revised Philippine Highway Act, and the National Building Code of the Philippines (PD 1096), these road obstructions are prohibited.

Gantry signs, which are commonly installed along roads to promote businesses or individuals, especially during election season, are strictly prohibited as they obstruct or distract the view of motorists and official traffic signs.

Poorly installed signs, likewise, constitute serious hazards and pose imminent danger to the public in the event of strong winds and typhoons.

Under PDs 17 and 1096, the DPWH has the right to impose penalties to violators and file appropriate legal action pursuant to Administrative Order 160-A and the Civil Code of the Philippines.

Owners of signages obstructing government ROW are given 15 days to dismantle, otherwise the DPWH Regional and District Engineering Office will have it removed pursuant to DPWH Department Order 73, series of 2014.


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