Digital transformation in selling real estate

In Photo: Ramon Ballesca, multiawarded CEO and cofounder of Hoppler

WHEN a leading local celebrity went through two important life milestones, one of them buying a home, Hoppler was the “brokerage company that guided her to this otherwise nerve- racking process.”

Time was when property buyers had to buy actual newspapers, scan the classified ads to find that one house or condominium unit they would want to eventually call “home.” Buyers would seek out sellers by themselves, or brokers who would act as intermediary between sellers and buyers.

This process worked well for decades up until the advent of digital technology, changing the property marketing game. Indeed, the technological revolution has hastened the evolution of the real-estate landscape, creating a huge disruption previously unimagined.

With the entry of online property portals, buying property became much easier to do. This technological revolution added a new and challenging dimension to property marketing. Ironically, the more digital we become, the more personal and customized the servicing can get.


This seems to be echoed by the CEO and cofounder of Hoppler, Ramon Ballesca. “The right people should be by your side when buying a home. Technology can bring you closer to a larger community of people you can trust.”

Online property portals provide online property listings that allow homebuyers to easily search for available properties in the market, know more about them and view their photos online. They also make the job of property marketers much easier by increasing product visibility and reach.

Tech as a selling tool

The growing digital transformation of the property landscape has opened a world of creative possibilities with how property is offered, presented, negotiated and sold.

However, the most obvious advantage of using technology as a marketing tool is the fact that a significant portion of the buying market is composed of tech-savvy millennials who do most of their buying online.

Although the disruption of the global real-estate business has become an expected reality in this age of digital transformation, the Philippine property business leveled up further with the entry of Hoppler, the leading online real-estate brokerage company in the Philippines.

Raising the bar

Hoppler is pushing the digital transformation of the local real-estate industry further by combining online property listing and brokerage services in an ecosystem that connects buyers and sellers to an online network of real-estate professionals.

As one of the country’s first online real-estate brokerage companies, Hoppler leverages the strength of modern digital technology to bring together professional and trustworthy brokers across the Philippines and connect them to property buyers and sellers via Hoppler’s web site and mobile app.

Hoppler brokers residential and commercial properties that are for sale and for lease, the transactions for which are handled by Hoppler’s internal licensed brokers and partner brokers.

It also serves as an online lead generator with a strong online presence, focusing on quality properties. In the past 12 months, property seekers on Hoppler had legitimate intentions to spend a total of P38.2 billion on purchasing or leasing properties. For that amount, commissions totaling P1.7 billion would be paid out to brokers.

The company was able to raise $1.3 million (P66 million) from Frontier Digital Ventures purely for marketing listings for partner brokers in the central business-districts (CBDs) of Metro Manila.

Hoppler also has a “Partner Broker Program” that aims to support their mission of connecting buyers and sellers with an online network of trustworthy real-estate professionals.

The Partner Broker Program not only further expands the company’s broker and property network, it helps partner-brokers get more leads and close more deals. As of October 2017, their Partner Broker Program has 650 registered brokers with a total of 20,000+ property listings in Hoppler’s network and database.

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