Council issues rule for birds breeding near Kalibo airport

KALIBO, Aklan—The Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo has anonymously approved an ordinance regulating the raising and breeding of pigeons and related species of birds within a 2.5-kilometer radius at the Kalibo International Airport.

Councilor Cynthia de la Cruz of Kalibo town said that breeding and raising of birds may still be allowed but only if these meet certain conditions.

Before the closure of Boracay, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines reported that the KIA has an average of 40 flights a day.

In any of these flights, accidents could happen when a bird flies into an aircraft’s engines, according to de la Cruz. Planes are more vulnerable to bird strikes during takeoffs, ascent and landing due to the existence of a greater number of birds in flight at this lower level, approximately 2,000 feet, she added.

The ordinance states there is a need to prevent or reduce the consequences of bird strikes, as these could result in malfunctioning of aircraft navigation or nose gear-steering system leading to directional-control problems or to temporary loss of control of the pilot.

“In the best interest of safety of domestic and international air travelers flying in and out of this municipality of Kalibo, as well as the general welfare of our residents and the general public, there is a need to ensure the air-safety radius of our Kalibo International Airport free from all aviation hazards,” de la Cruz said.

Jun Ariolo N. Aguirre has been working as a correspondent in Business Mirror since June 2017. He studied his Bachelor of Arts major in Journalism at the Centro Escolar University. In 2012, he was recruited as a member of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Aklan chapter and has been since a member of the board of directors. He was then immersed in series of trainings and seminars related to business. He currently covers Boracay Island and the rest of provinces in Panay Island.


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