Couch Potato: Flavored fries for every Juan

In Photo: Maria Ana-Lyn Valcos, chief executive officer of One and A Enterprise (center), poses with her crew during a promotional event.

Although the French fries industry in the Philippines may be dominated by well- known international and local brands, as well as  fast-food giants, Couch Potato, a newbie in the business, decided to slug it out with the biggies confident it can shake up the market through its new and neat tricks.

With a mission of spreading good vibes and good fries that cater to the Filipino taste buds, Couch Potato has come up with the very first service to be seen in the country by offering a P1 refill for the large serving portions with the choice of any of its 10 flavors.

“Couch Potato’s mission is to spread good fries for every Juan with the first and only Piso refill [available for three large servings and above]. Customers can try any flavor they want at minimal cost,” Maria Ana-Lyn Valcos, chief executive officer of One and A Enterprise, said.

The company, she added, is pushing the concept of “flavorful french fries” that will enable the market to taste the 10 various flavors of french fries that include the classics, such as sour cream, barbecue and cheese to the deliciously tasty ranch, taco, jalapeño, spicy samyang and even chocolate to the their very own spin on Filipino favorites like ube, queso de bola and of course adobo. Valcos is bullish these flavors will be accepted by the Filipino market because they match the Filipino palate and pocket. “Whether you like your fries tangy, salty or sweet, there’s bound to be a flavor for you,” she added.

Unlike other companies, Couch Potato gives back to charity with their P1 refill program. “I want every Juan to afford and enjoy fries that’s why I came up with a Piso refill concept.  And it’s the first and only one in the Philippines,” Valcos said, adding that the the company has set a target of a total of 300 or more franchisees in five years. That’s why the company was awarded as “The Best Filipino Flavored Fries Franchising Company” by Global Excellence Awards Committee and Asia Pacific Awards Council, and the 2018 Elite Business and Leadership Awards.

Started only March this year, Valcos said, the franchise is running a massive success in their first month as franchise inquiries have started pouring in with the franchises opening just three months after their first launch.

Valcos said the Couch Potato team has ensured that their french fries had been subjected to several tests to meet the standards of local customers. Before putting it into the market, she personally led the product development. To prepare the company for their franchising road map, Couch Potato recently  joined with U-Franchise Sales and Management to guide them in their expansion and network nationwide and globally.

“Franchising Corp. [Francorp] helped us manage our franchisees. Francorp provided a system to help us manage several franchisees well,” she said.




Rizal Raoul Reyes

Rizal Raoul S. Reyes has covered technology, science, business, property and special reports. He had working stints with the Business Star, Manila Bulletin and Independent Daily News.