Concepcion urges big bizmen to help peers in need

The chairman of the Asean Business Advisory Council (Abac) urged businessmen to help other players in need, in line with the council’s flagship program called Asean Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network (Amen).

In his opening message for the three-day summit that started last Sunday, Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion said inclusive business means helping small businessmen achieve their goals of being successful in their fields. Under the Amen program, experts from three sectors—entrepreneurs, the business practitioners and academicians—will be tapped to help micro and small businessmen on how to successfully grow their business.

Concepcion said the mentors will come from each of the 10 member-states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and will share their expertise to businessmen from any of the countries needing it.

“That is part of the neighborhood. That is how we help. Nobody is left behind,” he said.


Concepcion added Abac has adopted the 3M framework that focuses on mentoring, money and market.

He said mentoring is the first key to help small businessmen hit their goals.

“Without mentorship, the money [and] the market won’t work,” he said.

“So I’m calling on all our businessmen here, our entrepreneurs. It must come from the heart to help many of those who need it in life. The Abac will continue to pursue these
efforts in really helping many of those out there,” Concepcion added.

Concepcion, in a briefing earlier the day, said about 99.6 percent of businesses in the Philippines are accounted for by micro and small enterprises.

Amid the size of small businesses’ share on the country’s business sector, their contribution to the domestic output is only about one-third of the total. Thus, the government has taken steps to boost the sector and make them more competitive globally.

Concepcion, president of listed food and beverage company RFM Corp., said the Duterte administration is following the lead of China in its “One Belt, One Road” program, which, he added, is a good way to move more people and goods faster.

Concepcion said the current administration is focused on putting the necessary infrastructure to ensure logistics and digital connectivity of the people.

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