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[Backliners] Food delivery can save more lives in this pandemic

When the door closes, a window will open. It happened to Mark Leaño, 25, a rider. He was one of the Angkas riders who was disenfranchised by the government order giving 20,000 riders ceiling to the motorcycle taxi company. Then comes the pandemic. For a month he was dependent on the government 'ayuda" in his home in Tondo. But it was never sufficient for his family.
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Pandemic propels fintech platforms to frontlines, bigger presence in future

How does one fight an isolationist virus unseen by the naked eye? Use an equally invisible tool: bandwidth. With state control on people’s mobility, accessing online platforms to accomplish mundane tasks—like working and shopping—became the better option than risking exposure to a virus health authorities say are passed in people-to-people interaction. These tasks include banking and managing finances with the help of mobile applications, or apps, and financial technology, or fintech.
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Wednesdays with John Mangun: The Fed fight against Covid-19

On Tuesday morning, March 3, the US Federal Reserve met in “emergency session,” which is outside of the normally scheduled Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings. The Fed reduced its benchmark interest rate by 0.50 percent. This policy change was “aimed at shielding the US economy from disruptions caused by the global spread of COVID-19.”