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Olympic attention to mental health: Can NBC coverage pivot?

For most of the athletes, it has been an extraordinarily intense year. After training with the goal of being ready in 2020, the Games' postponement to 2021 — and the pandemic that caused it — forced them to decide if they wanted to essentially put another year of their lives on hold for what is often a lonely quest. Then they traveled to a lockdown environment to perform without their friends and family present; indeed, they had hardly any audience at all.

The ‘gymternet’: Gymnastics’ devoted, sometimes toxic fans

Perfection is expected here — the ability to recite an intricate history of the sport, its skills and its point system — and any mistake is grounds for a full-throated roasting, even of the athletes actually doing the work. A gymnast once posted online that she’d just done a tricky skill called a Tkatchev, and the gymternet tore her apart. Her offense: she misspelled the word “Tkatchev.”