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Characterized by their enthusiasm for technological and communication advances, members of the so-called Generation Y blazed paths in a new world of information-sharing using social-networking technologies. Join us as we look into the social, economic and political issues arising from an increasingly networked society in light of technological changes, and how they reshape and influence the lives and relationships of a generation who grew up in a hyperconnected world. This space would devote a textual gramophone for the 15- to 29-year-olds. If you belong to this generation, send an 800-worded essay to opinion@businessmirror.com.ph. Editorial rules apply.

What it takes to be successful in your 30s

Success is something most human beings strive for in their lifetime. But what it means to be successful is something that’s ever-changing. For children, success may mean being the best at video games. For teens, that may mean studying in a prestigious university with a certainty of graduating with flying colors. It might mean having a stable job with opportunities to grow for a 20-year-old.


once read a Facebook post by my high-school classmate: “I hope we are like math so that aside from we have a relation, we also have infinity.”

Movie Review: Auggie Wasn’t Wonderful, The People Around Him Were

loved the fact that a little child who was “disfigured” and weak since birth was able to elicit so much goodness in the movie Wonder. For those of you who haven’t watched the film, it is a positive slice of life where Auggie, a 9-year-old adjusts to entering school for the first time after being homeschooled all his life by his doting parents. We also see a glimpse of the lives of the other characters that orbit around the sun that is Auggie, his sister, his friends and the hows and why’s that made them so.


I WAS on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) during rush hour, and this guy to my right accused me of touching his butt. This after the back of my hand accidentally brushed against his ass when I stuffed my pockets with my hands to keep safe my billfold and cell phone, which I always do when riding a train.

Talking to the dead

FOLLOWING the law of matter, I’ve been trying to figure whether souls are solid, liquid or gas. But since not everyone can see them, I surmise they most closely are gas, mixed with the air we ingest by eating too fast and sometimes come out as a fart.

Millennials spark new volunteerism

HEEDING the call for rebuilding war-torn Marawi City and the lives of its displaced people, some 300 youth leaders and college students from Marawi’s neighboring locale, the city of Iligan and other parts of Northern Mindanao came forward to leverage volunteerism to complement the extensive rehabilitation efforts that the Maranaos need.

The corpse stealers

THE ghosts I’ve seen on Halloween TV reenactments are all dressed in barong. My late friend Mel’s explanation was simple: You carry on the outfit you’re wearing when you die.

Automating the work of the ‘Bumbay’

MY helper, Ate Tes, couldn’t get to my house to start her job because she didn’t have enough money for transportation. She said there was no Bumbay, a common cultural loan provider for Filipinos who have no access to credit. I gave her the money she needed. Other Filipinos are not so lucky.

I made love in the kitchen

SO much like almost infanticipating, my girlfriend would, as a matter of habit, crave for something, most often at such ungodly hours. And like fawning sycophant I’m like, OK, I’ll get it for you, “but, Miss, where am I supposed to get banana cue in the dead of night?”

Mansplaining explained

’MANSPLAINING” is a new jargon that essentially occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone—most likely a woman—about something he has complete knowledge of with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he is talking to.

Pittsburgh’s tech revamp into millennials’ hot spot

PITTSBURGH—In 2015 Monocle magazine, a favorite read of the global hipsterati, published an enthusiastic report on Lawrenceville, the former blue-collar neighborhood here filled with cafés, hyped restaurants and brick-row houses being renovated by flippers. Last year in a much-publicized development, Uber began testing self-driving cars on the streets, putting this city at the forefront of the autonomous-vehicle revolution.

Primers for children court littlest radicals

‘F’ is for Feminist. For fairness in our pay.” “‘J’ is for Justice! Justicia for all.” “L-G-B-T-Q! Love who you choose.” Those sprightly injunctions, sandwiched between bright cardboard covers, are a sampling from A Is for Activist, a popular alphabet primer. The Cat in the Hat for a new generation, it is one in a rash of pointedly topical titles—A Rule Is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy (Wee Rebels), Global Babies, Feminist Baby— that line the shelves at Book Culture, an indie chain with three stores on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Generation Z Dating

I’M Marty and I am from the Generation Z.  Generation Z is composed of people who came after the millennials and were born mid-1990’s to early 2000’s. People born in this time frame tend to be glued to, wired to and, like me, depend on technology, to have a healthy state of being.

Youth finds solace in new nationalism

UNLIKE their senior counterparts, millennials express their activism in different platforms and avenues. The availability of numerous options, like social media, has given them to pursue their brand of activism not only in the streets but also in cyber space to push for social change.

Graduation gifts that pay for themselves

WITH graduation gifts, it’s the thought that counts. The cash is nice, too. Spending on graduation gifts in the US is expected to reach $5.6 billion this year, according to a new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF). That tops last year’s $5.4 billion and is the highest level in the 11 years of the NRF’s graduation spending survey, which covers high school and college.