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Pasig City government supports Ozonizer 2C technology to fight Covid-19 virus

THERE are two major adversities that Life Formula Synergy Inc. (LFSI) wants to help address: first, Covid-19 as well as the health and wellness of every Filipino by utilizing its core product, the Ozonizer 2C Machine; and second, to fight poverty by teaching people to improve their livelihood by onboarding LFSI’s New Marketing Strand.

Long-acting antibody combination approved for prevention and treatment of Covid-19 in Japan

AstraZeneca’s AZD7442 (/tixagevimab and cilgavimab), a long-acting antibody combination, has been approved in Japan for both the prevention (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and treatment of symptomatic disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection. The decision marks the first global marketing approval for AZD7442 as a treatment for Covid-19.

Diversity, inclusion in country’s biopharma industry put women in leadership posts 

One of the sectors contributing to the rise of women leaders is the research medicines and vaccines industry in the Philippines, where women occupy leadership positions in this crucial time of the pandemic. These women leaders, who are also members of the board of trustees of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines, are leading the way in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace to impact people’s lives and the healthcare system.

The Medical City South Luzon bags 2022 AHMA for community involvement

THE Asian Hospital Management Awards 2022 (AHMA) recognized The Medical City South Luzon’s (TMCSL) entry for the Community Involvement Category titled “1Community 2Gether Year 2 – Beyond Borders,” with its Excellence Award during the Hospital Management Asia 2022’s Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held on September 8 at the Centara Grand Convention Center at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand.

Borough Lasik Center: Making eye-related procedures available to every Filipino

WHEN Dr. Ches Heredia, DBPO and Dr. Ricky Aranzamendez, DBPO, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively, founded Borough Lasik Center some 16 or 17 years ago, Dr. Heredia’s vision was to give quality service while also trying to make eye surgeries and other eye-related procedures more affordable to the public.

Children to learn how to stay safe while back in school

Children are back to school for face-to-face classes. Though learning is still in “hybrid” mode, or a mix of face-to-face and virtual learning on certain days of the week, many parents are still apprehensive. And since the order of the Department of Education (DepEd) already calls for a full face-to-face, onsite learning setup by November 2022, the disquietude is perfectly understandable.

The booster impact: How the Philippines can sustain the road back to normalcy

 A few months ago, the Department of Health (DOH) announced that it had fully vaccinated more than 70 million Filipinos against Covid-19. Currently, some local government units are experiencing an increase in Covid-19 cases. Despite this increase, these LGUs have recorded low Covid-19 fatalities, and the availability of hospital beds and equipment for the treatment of severe cases remains high.

Muntinlupa’s crackdown on illegal vices reaps success

WITH its relentless effort to keep away its constituents from illegal substance abuse that have nil effects not only to their health and well-being but to their socioeconomic status as well, the City of Muntinlupa has been recognized by the Department of the Interior and Local Government-National Capital Region (DILG-NCR) office for the effective implementation of its programs against illegal drugs.

Foundation launched to provide help to women victims of domestic violence

“Has it come to a point in your life that you wondered why you are still to be blamed why you were raped, or why your partner hit you or did something bad to you? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought that you don’t know yourself, and the bad things you did because you were in pain and because you were undergoing great trauma? It is really difficult thinking that bad things were done to you yet you are the one to be blamed for all the wrongdoings, but it’s more difficult thinking that you yourself is part of the problem.”

listeria, food poisoning

What is listeria? A microbiologist explains the bacterium behind recent deadly food poisoning outbreaks

The variety of foods responsible for US listeria outbreaks in the past decade shows just how easily these bacteria get around. Listeria has turned up in hard-boiled eggs, enoki mushrooms, cooked chicken and, in 2021, packaged salad – twice. How can such a tiny organism bypass extensive disinfection efforts and wreak such havoc? As a microbiologist who has been working with listeria and trying to solve these mysteries, I’d like to share some insider secrets about this unique little pathogen and its strategies of survival inside and outside our bodies.

J&J to end sales of baby powder with talc globally next year

Johnson & Johnson is pulling its iconic, talc-based Johnson’s Baby Powder from shelves worldwide next year in favor of a product based on cornstarch. The company has faced litigation alleging its talcum powder caused users to develop ovarian cancer, through use for feminine hygiene, or mesothelioma, a cancer that strikes the lungs and other organs.

Memories of volunteers’ malaria fight highlight 40 years of PSFI

MARKING its four decades of giving back to its communities, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI), the social arm of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp., looks back at one of its successful projects, Movement Against Malaria (MAM), which has reduced the number of malaria cases in the country and saved the lives of many Filipinos for over 20 years.

Education needed to conquer hazards compounded by Covid-19

There is nothing more dangerous than a calamitous event related to the climate, and this is true in every country in the world. Even earthquakes, a geologic event not connected to the climate, or a volcanic eruption, can cause monumental and disastrous effects such as damage to infrastructure and loss of lives.

Nutritious meals through Pinggang Pinoy

In an effort to combat malnutrition and nutrient deficiency, the Department of Science and Technology’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) developed a scientifically proven yet accessible way to guide Filipino families in their meals. DOST named this nutrition tool Pinggang Pinoy and it aims to help aid in the preparation of food on a per meal level. It has also slowly started to trickle down into the smaller and further communities.

Philippine FDA approves Novartis advanced breast cancer treatment, alpelisib

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved alpelisib in combination with fulvestrant for the treatment of postmenopausal women, and men, with hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 negative (HR+/HER2-), PIK3CA-mutated, advanced or metastatic breast cancer after disease progression following an endocrine-based regimen.1

Get your health checked this Diabetes Awareness Week

In the Philippines, diabetes is one of the leading causes of mortality. In 2021, diabetes mellitus ranked fifth on the list of causes of death in the country, according to a report released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). This condition is caused by elevated sugar levels in the blood due to insufficient insulin production. If left unchecked, the chronic disease can result in various health complications, which include heart attack, stroke, kidney issues, and diabetic retinopathy.

Foot-and-mouth disease and the efforts to stop it

Thousands of cattle are covered in blisters from highly infectious foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia, sounding the alarm for the country, its Southeast Asian neighbors and Australia. The virus found in two provinces in May has now infected several hundred-thousand animals across multiple provinces, including the popular tourist destination of Bali.

Abortion laws spark profound changes in other medical care

A sexual assault survivor chooses sterilization so that if she is ever attacked again, she won't be forced to give birth to a rapist’s baby. An obstetrician delays inducing a miscarriage until a woman with severe pregnancy complications seems “sick enough.” A lupus patient must stop taking medication that controls her illness because it can also cause miscarriages. Abortion restrictions in a number of states and the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade are having profound repercussions in reproductive medicine as well as in other areas of medical care.

Growing incidence of pediatric eye problems a concern, says expert

A Philippine Eye Disease Study done in 2018 revealed that the prevalence rate for vision impairment and blindness in the country was at 1.98 percent, which is about 1.1 million Filipinos with cataract, about 400,000 with uncorrected error of refraction, around 300,000 with glaucoma, and at least 200,000 with maculopathy or diabetic retinopathy, which is common for people suffering from diabetes.

PHL-made test kit helps detect animal disease, address consumer concerns

TO help assuage the people’s fear for their health with regards to the safety of pork products they consume, a locally developed African Swine Fever or ASF Test Kit will be distributed in the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) region by Diamed Enterprise, following the signing of distribution agreement with its manufacturer GenAmplify Technologies Inc. (GTI), a subsidiary of Manila Healthtek (MTek).

Take advantage of some of the best health benefits of fruits

When it comes to the food pyramid, fruits and vegetables ideally take up a significant percentage of our daily diet requirements to ensure that we get the maximum nutrients that our bodies need. In fact, scientific experts and nutritionists recommend that about 30% of our daily diet consists of fruits for better nutrient intake. MyPlate.gov even goes as far as saying half of our plates should consist of vegetables and fruits. This isn’t surprising because not only do fruits provide considerable levels of vitamins and minerals, but they also provide diet components that help facilitate better digestion and overall optimal body functions. In this article, we’ll talk about some crucial information about these impressive foods, including what health benefits fruits provide and when fruits are the healthiest.

Iodine deficiency is a leading cause of thyroid diseases

Thyroid health is one of the most neglected medical issues in the Philippines today. And one leading cause of thyroid diseases is the lack of iodine in the body. In the Philippines, iodine deficiency is more widespread now than ever.  Studies presented by Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus, a respected endocrinologist and immediate past president of the Philippine Thyroid Association, in an online forum last year, iodine deficiency is especially pervasive in urban poor, and rural areas where poverty levels are high.

Say hello to a happy tummy

WITH the hot weather that the country has been experiencing, many people develop an upset stomach, stom­ach aches, loose bowel movement (LBM), or gastroenteritis. This is especially true if con­taminated food or water is consumed. Some bacterial infections also cause similar symptoms and this is referred to in medical terms as dysbiosis.