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Gain a different perspective on current issues with BusinessMirror’s Perspective. This section is specifically dedicated to providing readers with unique points of view for a broader look at the latest news and top headlines today. Start browsing BusinessMirror Perspective today and find meaningful think pieces and articles that promote a more critical view.

Michael Flynn: From government insider to holy warrior

The retired lieutenant general, former national security adviser, onetime anti-terrorism fighter, is now focused on his next task: building a movement centered on Christian nationalist ideas, where Christianity is at the center of American life and institutions. Throughout 2021 and 2022, Flynn made more than 60 in-person speeches in 24 states, according to a count by the AP and “Frontline.” When he speaks, the former top adviser to then-President Donald Trump spreads baseless conspiracy theories, stoking fear and fueling anger and division and grievance.

‘I cannot mourn’: Former colonies conflicted over the queen

Beyond official condolences praising the queen’s longevity and service, there is some bitterness about the past in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Talk has turned to the legacies of colonialism, from slavery to corporal punishment in African schools to looted artifacts held in British institutions. For many, the queen came to represent all of that during her seven decades on the throne.

Mother’s Day in the Philippines: Celebrating the Filipino Mother Figure

Regardless of which culture you belong to or which country you’ve grown up in, one truth transcends familial concepts: that mothers or mother figures remain to be some of the most dedicated and nurturing family members. Whether you have a biological or adoptive mother, your bond with her is unquestionable and unbreakable. It is for this reason that Mother’s Day in the Philippines – and other countries – is a day of reverence and celebration, reserved solely for these strong women. This Mother’s Day, we aim to provide you with the history and the reason why Mother’s Day is a worthwhile event to celebrate for the mother figures in our lives.

Disaster and Calamity Preparedness: Is The Philippines Ready?

As an archipelago found within the Pacific Ring of Fire and along the Typhoon Belt, the Philippines plays host to dozens of typhoons each year and is home to a handful of active volcanoes. This makes the Philippines highly prone to natural calamities and disasters – necessitating solid disaster management and preparedness plans for both national and local government units.

‘The impossible’: Ukraine’s secret, deadly rescue missions

A series of clandestine, against-the-odds, terrain-hugging, high-speed helicopter missions to reach the Azovstal defenders in March, April and May are being celebrated in Ukraine as among the most heroic feats of military derring-do of the four-month war. Some ended in catastrophe; each grew progressively riskier as Russian air defense batteries caught on.

Humanity and Excellence

How can we be human even as we pursue excellence? Can humanity and excellence go together? We know how it is to feel powerless. With the pandemic, we did not know what hit us. We were worried about ourselves, our families and our future. But slowly we stepped out of this dark cloud and as we looked after our individual concerns, we also learned to work with others, and discovered how to be a community again. From being helpless, we started helping; from being hopeless, we became bearers of hope; and from the desperation we saw around us, we became a force of action.

Purposeful PR

Purposeful PR – what does it truly mean? We often say that as communicators, as storytellers and strategists we shape the conversation and can influence society and spark change. But how exactly? And how do we fuse branding objectives with societal duties? Where does the line between a human being and a communication professional start and stop?


‘They make sure you don’t die’: Inside NYC’s drug use sites

Equipped and staffed to reverse overdoses, New York City’s new, privately run “overdose prevention centers” are a bold and contested response to a storm tide of opioid overdose deaths nationwide. Supporters say the sites — also known as supervised injection sites or supervised consumption spaces — are humane, realistic responses to the deadliest drug crisis in US history. Critics see them as illegal and defeatist answers to the harm that drugs wreak on users and communities.

There is much more to mindfulness than the popular media hype

Medicalized meditation is now a self-help commodity that generates over US$1 billion per year, leading some critics to label it “McMindfulness.” But placing mindfulness back into a Buddhist ethical context shows that it is not enough to simply meditate to reduce our own stress or to more effectively navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Recalling Jan. 6: A national day of infamy, half remembered

The Capitol riot — the violent culmination of a bid to delegitimize the 2020 election and block its certification — has morphed into a partisan Rashomon, the classic Japanese film about a slaying told from varying and conflicting points of view. Indeed, the act of remembering can be a highly mercurial thing — particularly when deep-seated political views are involved.

What will 2022 bring in the way of misinformation on social media? 3 experts weigh in

At the end of 2020, it seemed hard to imagine a worse year for misinformation on social media, given the intensity of the presidential election and the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic. But 2021 proved up to the task, starting with the January 6 insurrection and continuing with copious amounts of falsehoods and distortions about COVID-19 vaccines. To get a sense of what 2022 could hold, we asked three researchers about the evolution of misinformation on social media.

A look at world leaders named in the Pandora Papers

Hundreds of world leaders, powerful politicians, billionaires, celebrities, religious leaders and drug dealers have been stashing away their investments in mansions, exclusive beachfront property, yachts and other assets for the past quarter century, according to a review of nearly 12 million files obtained from 14 different firms located around the world. Collectively these assets are worth trillions of dollars. Here is a look at some of some of those named in the investigation.

Will gyms go the way of arcades and movie rental stores?

The pandemic has reshaped how Americans exercise and upended the fitness industry, accelerating the growth of a new era of high-tech home workout equipment and virtual classes. The question is can the they survive the onslaught from the apps and pricey bikes and treadmills or will they go the way of arcades, video rental shops and bookstores.

In Dubai, Pinay pulls no punches in jokes on Mideast life

Tucked within her slightly risqué set, Dumagay's rapid-fire punchlines offer an unfiltered glimpse into the life, sly triumphs and slights faced by her 2.2 million compatriots. They care for children, wait tables and otherwise power economies across the wider Middle East. Those Filipinos provide billions of dollars in remittances back to their families still living in the Philippines, but face abuse and isolation in countries that often treat them as a disposable, low-paid workforce.

Pandemic, penalties aside, bribes go on at China hospitals

As the coronavirus pandemic threatened to overwhelm Chinese hospitals last year, Chinese resellers appear to have colluded to inflate the prices of ventilators and other essential medical equipment from multinational companies including Siemens, GE and Philips, according to a review of recent public records on the sale of medical equipment in China.
In God We Trust

How ‘In God We Trust’ bills are helping advance a Christian nationalist agenda

“In God We Trust” became the national motto 65 years ago this month. But over the past few years a string of bills and city ordinances has sought to expand its usage and presence. Such efforts include legislation requiring or encouraging the motto be displayed in government buildings and schools, on license plates and on police vehicles.

Dear Filipino students, Taiwan wants you

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, an average Filipino student’s first instinct is to find a job. Some may start their own small company or take over an existing family business. Some travel abroad so that they can gain connections for a promising career. Whatever the means, the goal is ultimately to earn money. After all, for an average student who has been fighting to get a degree for their entire life, what’s better than finally earning money for themselves?

“No health without mental health”: A lesson from Globe, DepEd TAYO Naman! Webinar

“There is no health without mental health.” This was underscored by Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) member, Dr. Bernardino A. Vicente, at the fourth TAYO Naman! (Tulong, Alaga, Yakap at Oras para sa mga Tagapagtaguyod ng Edukasyon) session titled “Understanding and Managing Common Mental Disorders and other Psychological Concerns.” This webinar series is organized by Globe and the Department of Education (DepEd).


What are the ethics of giving back money that doesn’t belong to you?

Suppose you found a wallet full of cash lying on the ground. Usually, the right thing to do would be to contact the wallet’s owner and return it, money included. That’s because people have a prima facie obligation to return the belongings of others. Prima facie is a legal term, originally from Latin, that refers to something we take as correct until proven otherwise. A prima facie moral obligation is one that people normally have, unless there are special circumstances.

Enabling dreams to take flight

“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul,” so goes the saying. As the world celebrates World Pilots’ Day, get to know three dedicated aviation professionals and proud pilots of Cebu Pacific, with which one of its pillars is supporting the education of aspiring Juans and enable them to make their dreams take flight.

Expanding operations in PHL and the US

Since the Philippines and the United States of America first formalized diplomatic ties 75 years ago, the relationship between the two countries has been further strengthened by the arrival of numerous US-based corporations that chose the Philippines as the base of their Asia-Pacific operations.

A Base for Business

In 1898, a tract of land located 100 kilometers north of Manila was used as a U.S. military camp for the 5th Cavalry after the Spanish-American War. It was later named Clark Field in 1918 after pre-World War 1 pilot Major Harold M. Clark who led the construction of its runways.

FRIENDS, PARTNERS, ALLIES: The Philippine-US Bilateral Relationship

The Philippines and the United States established formal diplomatic relations on July 4, 1946, on the same day the former gained its status as an independent and sovereign republic. Since then, the two countries have expanded and deepened bilateral cooperation in many areas—most notably in defense and security, trade and commerce, as well as culture and education.

Farmworkers’ fight shaped Filipino-American California attorney general nominee

When Rob Bonta became the first Filipino American elected to the California Legislature in 2012, one of his first bills in the Assembly to be signed into law required the State Board of Education to make sure curriculum about the farmworkers movement included the contributions of Filipino Americans like his mother. Now Bonta is on track to become the second-most-powerful official in the state.

Aboitiz Group: Advancing business and communities amid Covid-19

The current global health crisis has ravaged almost every economy, not sparing the Philippines, which has been one of the hardest hit countries in Asia. While businesses, from micro industries to blue chip companies, have undoubtedly felt its egregious impact, the will to help fellow Filipinos and push for collaboration to ride out this challenge remain.

Filipino teachers and the passion that makes learning continuity possible

The new normal may have limited physical interaction, but in no way did it hinder the unyielding commitment and drive of those at the frontlines of education – Filipino teachers. Even if the academic community is facing numerous challenges in preparation for school year 2020-2021, countless Filipino teachers remain passionate about providing quality basic education to their students.

From party emcee to salesman to banker to life coach: A charming journey

Flashback to a children’s party in the Green Meadows Clubhouse in Quezon City in the 1990s: everyone’s having a grand time when Panchito — the late, great comedian popularly known as Dolphy’s sidekick — approached the emcee-clown, Ronald “Sugus” Legaspi, and admiringly said, “Alam mo komedyante ako, pero ‘di ko kaya yung ginagawa mo (You know, I’m a comedian, but I can’t do what you’re doing).”   

managing stress

Managers, adjust your expectations (without lowering the bar)

Most of the country has been sheltering in place and working from home for some time now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This change came with obvious challenges to getting work done for those who live with others—be they roommates, partners, spouses or children. Then, there are those employees who do not have others at home and now have no commute. One might intuitively think these individuals would be just as productive working from home than in the office, or even more so, given that research shows remote workers get more done.

Young Bacolod doctors join Covid-19 fight

HEALTH experts would agree that protecting the first line of defense is one of the best ways to avert the rapid spread of deadly coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) that has been confronting the world for quite some time now. But how could they be spared from the contagion if they are running out of equipment to shield themselves.

The 55th ANVIL AWARDS: Championing Excellence in Public Relations

It’s an awards night like no other. The who’s who in various sectors and companies as well as their public relations agencies gather together for a night of camaraderie and sharing the joy of winning. One of the most awaited events of the year, the Anvil Awards is presented annually by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP). The Anvil is the symbol of excellence in Public Relations for outstanding PR Programs and Tools.

The shopper’s guide to treat yourself-while on a budget

We often hear the phrase “treat yourself” as a reminder for us to take a step back from our hectic lifestyles and take care of ourselves. For some of us, this would mean taking ourselves out for a meal or buying new clothes or other items. In an era where spending money can be done in just a click of a button, it can be easy to go overboard and spend more than what you actually intended. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can treat yourself-and save your wallet at the same time.

Keeping local SME-BPOs globally competitive

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is widely known as an economic powerhouse in the country. Comprising of 851 registered BPO companies and employing around 1.2 million people, the industry has come full circle since its first call center came into being in 1992.

National Export Congress prepares businesses for the Digital World

According to Presidential Proclamation 931, Series of 1996 and House Resolution 33, the first week of December is declared as the National Exporters’ Week. This was done in order to obtain total commitment of the government and the private sector to continuously work together to sustain export promotion and development. Over time, this annual event became one of the most important business events of the year. It is usually celebrated by the regional offices of DTI, Philexport and academe, with various activities that are in line with the theme of that year. One of the biggest highlights of any NEW is the National Export Congress (NEC), which updates and helps businesses become the best and most competitive version they can be.

Building a Platform for Sustainable Growth

In the real estate industry, it is not just the contractors who do the heavy lifting. The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and his team of number crunchers are also tasked to continually build the company’s financial muscle to ensure its sustainable growth.