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Business Sense

What They Don’t Tell You about Climate Change

Two years ago the world pledged to keep global warming “well below” 2°C hotter than pre-industrial times. Climate scientists and campaigners purred. Politicians patted themselves on the back. Despite the Paris agreement’s ambiguities and some setbacks, including President Donald Trump’s decision to yank...

TPP Redux: Who Needs America?

Reviving the original Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal between 12 countries around the Pacific Rim, is technically impossible. To put the accord into force, members making up at least 85 percent of their combined GDP had to ratify it. Three days into his...

The Oil Market Loses Its Head, Again

Only one thing spooks the oil market more than hot-headed despots in the Middle East, and that is hot-headed hedge-fund managers. For the second time this year, record speculative bets on rising oil prices in American and European futures have made the market...
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