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What is causing the rise of obesity in the Philippines?

The Philippines is home to more than 110 million people, with the population rising each year by more than 1%. With this massive population number, it’s only expected that certain percentages and subpopulations are afflicted with some sort of health condition or disorder that may be impeding on quality of life. Unfortunately, one of these conditions is obesity. Today, obesity affects about 800 million people around the world – 27 million of which are Filipinos. In this article, we go deep into what obesity is, its causes, the possible effects on population health and the economy, and solutions that have been proposed to combat the obesity problem in the Philippines.

An update on Pakistan-Philippines relations

Pakistan Day is commemorated every year on 23rd March on account of a historic RESOLUTION that was unanimously passed in Lahore by a congregation All India Muslim League in favour of a separate homeland for the Muslims of Indian sub-continent. This was demanded in view of the extreme injustice and grievances directed against the Muslims under the majority Hindu rule following elections held by the British Raj in 1930s. This unanimous Resolution paved the way for the first independent Muslim state i.e. PAKISTAN on August 14, 1947.

Be vigilant against fraud, bank clients told

We have seen how the Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best in many people, but it has also brought out the worst in some. Reports from the Association of Certified Fraud Experts indicate that 51 percent of organizations across the globe experienced or uncovered more fraudulent attacks. This led to approximately a five percent loss in total company revenues.

Bridging lives and connecting others

As part of their corporate social responsibility initiative, Globe Telecom, along with the Ayala Group of companies, has donated essential support packages composed of WiFi kits, entertainment sets, grocery, medical supplies, insurance vouchers, and cash support to three hospitals as they continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This was done as part of the #BrigadangAyala, the Ayala Group’s integrated response to its almost two century-old commitment to national development.

ICT, a necessary component of a post-pandemic world

Every June, the Philippines celebrates National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) month, as mandated by Proclamation Number 1521, Series of 2008. During this month, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) brings to light their efforts in working with the government to further the digital transformation in the country.

Key projects in the City of Manila

What exactly is the city government doing to help bring Manila back to its glorious state? Along with major facelifts of many of its landmark structures, the administration of Manila Mayor Francisco Domagoso a.k.a. Isko Moreno is also addressing the immediate concerns brought about by the current pandemic. Here are just some of the more noteworthy projects.

A MEANINGFUL CELEBRATION | Why a low-key and more intimate Chinese New Year matters

For many Filipino-Chinese, the Lunar New Year is like a second Christmas-extended families meet up and share a meal of traditional Chinese food and exchange ang-paos (also known as hong baos) to welcome wealth for the coming year. People may also travel to their ancestral villages in China to meet with relatives still living in the area. As the Lunar New Year traditionally marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring, it is also one of the biggest major holidays in China.

GŌNG XǏ FĀ CÁI | Filipinos look forward to ‘simple and safe’ Chinese New Year celebration

Many Filipinos missed doing these on New Year’s Eve: lighting up a firework or a firecracker, blowing horns to create noise, and partying with friends. Except for the Media Noche, that sumptuous meal with family members, when the clock struck at 12 midnight, everything else was not permitted on New Year 2020 celebration.

WORLD’S OLDEST CHINATOWN | Binondo remains alive and well despite pandemic

And so I had always wanted to witness an authentic Chinese New Year celebration and I finally did last year with the tour of Binondo courtesy of my friend, blogger and Filipino-Chinese historian Rence Chan (WalkwithChan). With all its crazy and chaotic ambiance coupled with Chinese favorites, goodies, tikoy and lucky charms on sale plus firecrackers and lion-dragon dances all over, Chinese New Year is really something many Filipinos would surely miss this year on this side of Manila.

Pushing for a regenerative future

As the Philippines’ largest renewable energy company, the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has always been at the forefront of providing not just sustainable energy, but sustainable living as well. For EDC, renewable power must not only reduce human and businesses’ carbon footprint, but should also “enable national development and create a better life for everyone today and tomorrow.”

BSP’s strategic thrusts for digital financial inclusion

Digital technology is becoming an inevitable part of the day-to-day lives of every Filipino. Data from the global mobile network industry show that in 2019, 67% of Filipinos had a social media account and used the Internet, while those with mobile broadband and smartphone stood at 86% and 65%, respectively. Mobile phones have enabled a wide array of services on demand whenever, wherever—whether for streaming movies, buying stuff, ordering food, or connecting with friends and families.

BEGINNINGS OF REFORM: The Chinatown Development Authority

ONE year after taking office, then Manila Mayor Lito Atienza tapped the local businessmen and business groups as well as the community and the barangays in organizing the Chinatown Development Authority (CDA) in 1999. The CDA helped Atienza achieve his vision of restoring the area to its genuine character as a Chinese enclave, where a unified Filipino-Chinese community would have a harmonized development program.

Simple Feng Shui tips for a prosperous Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! As we welcome the Year of the Metal Rat, you might be wondering how you can hone in your good fortune this year. Whether it be honing your luck in terms of your health or finding romance, you might consider using the ancient art of Feng Shui to bring that in. This almost four thousand year practice involves placing certain objects or furniture a certain way to bring good “chi”, or energy, into the space. It is often determined by what direction the room is facing and the elements associated to it. This 2020, take a look at these tips to achieve a more productive and prosperous office space.

Two decades after the Asian financial crisis: Lessons, risks (Conclusion)

ASKED on the possibility of another financial crisis repeating in the region—especially in the face of global volatilities and political uncertainty across the world—Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Andrew Wood said member-countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have learned their lesson and strengthened themselves to better handle such a situation.