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Philippines Joins ‘Crowdfunding’ Community

“Crowdfunding” provides a platform that affords mostly small businesses to get funding options and investors to participate in the growth of companies online. In the Philippines, companies can source as much as P50 million a year. Crowdfunding has also been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a safe and sustainable form of investment.

Paying attention to agriculture

OVER the years, compared to the other economic pillars of our gross domestic product, namely, industry and services, agriculture always lagged behind. In the pandemic year (2020), it did not change with Agriculture accounting for only 10.18 percent of the GDP compared to Service of 61.42 percent and Industry 28.40 percent. Yet, the country is agricultural by nature and topography and millions are into marginal farming.

Are we ready for a federal government?

Is federalism the panacea for the many troubles that beset our nation? Globally, a majority, or 166 of the 199 nations of the United Nations (including the Philippines) are unitary in form and only 27 are federalized although they comprise 40 percent of the world population. One may also peruse a very recent study made by the Ateneo de Manila on the comparisons, based on empirical evidence between the federal and the unitary governments of the world. For instance, it says in the Asean, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand are unitary, while Malaysia is federalized. Further, the Ateneo study says among the three, the Philippines is the most decentralized. Shocking of all, it turns out that federalized Malaysia was judged the most centralized in real terms.

Mental health is national wealth

The world observed Mental Health Day on October 10. It was apt that the Lower House approved House Bill 6452 or the Comprehensive Mental Health Act on second reading and earlier the Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 1354, or the Philippine Mental Health Act, in May 2017 on third and final reading. Boy, does this country need that.

Newfangled tourism sites in Bohol

After the 7.2-magnitude killer earthquake hit Bohol in 2013, tourism in the province stood still. Tourists hastily left, scared of the aftershocks. Resorts and hotels had to endure power outages when the underwater electricity cables from the geothermal source in Leyte were damaged. To top it all, many centuries-old churches were also destroyed.

Hunger as a national issue

Zoilo ‘Bingo’ Dejaresco IIITHE gut issue of poverty becomes most real to Filipinos when they go hungry. The statistics today, whether it tells of 15 million or 27 million hungry Filipinos, is less material than the fact that the much-touted “economic miracle” that is the Philippines is not inclusive. Gross domestic product (GDP) numbers do not lie, true, but statistics cannot feed the hungry millions.