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Vince has been with the BusinessMirror since 2014. He works as Associate Director for Sports Marketing Activations for Mindshare Philippines and Assistant Corporate Secretary for Kennedy Energy and Development Corporation. He attended De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde majoring in AB-IS and took his MBA Major in Marketing at the De La Salle University Graduate School.
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Gold Coast hoops

THE Gold Coast located in Queensland (Australia) is a major tourist destination—the city is known for its climate, world-class surfing beaches, high-rise buildings, theme parks, nightlife and rainforest hinterland.

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Influence of Proflulence

IN sports business, just like in any other business, the company or organization’s identity comes from the person or persons who founded the entity and in Profluence’s case, it’s the group’s founder, Andrew Petcash.

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Attitude determines altitude

IF attitude alone determines altitude then there should be no problem for Sgt. Andrico Mahilum and Sandi Abahan as their attitude overcame altitude among other challenges to each win a world championship.

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Youngest world champ

I THINK I speak for all parents when I say that we raise them based on values like hard work, honesty, integrity, respect and humility and hope and pray that they turn out alright.

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The Player Care Group

RECENTLY on “Sports For All,” The Player Care Group Managing Director Hugo Scheckter discussed the endless and infinite possibilities of the player care industry.

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Queens of jiu-jitsu

A FEW nights ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of talking with newly-minted jiu-jitsu world champions Kimberly Anne in the 45-kg class and Meggie Ochoa in the 48-kg category.

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NIL Management

BEING in sports media for almost 20 years, spontaneity becomes a way of life as what transpired when I sent a text message to NIL Management’s Founder Zach Beebe asking if he’s available for what more looked like a conversation than an interview.

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The Players NIL

JULY 1, 2022, marks the one year anniversary of student athletes being allowed to make money off their name, image and likeness, or NIL.

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Keli’s stories

KELI NASCIMENTO was my guest on Sports For All guest a few weeks ago. She talked about gender equity, sports diplomacy, her foundation, The Nascimento Foundation, and a guy who was pretty good at football, Pele.

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Climate change and sports

YOU don’t usually hear climate change said or written in the same sentence nor mentioned in the same breath unless it’s a cause for alarm because it’s making an environmental impact on soccer fields, baseball diamonds, football pitches, cricket grounds and other areas where outdoor sports are played.

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‘Aian Asks’

I RECEIVED an invitation from Aian Guanzon of “Aian Asks” to appear on his program to explain the recent successes in Philippine sports.

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Magnified impressions

BASKETBALLNEWS.COM gives fans a different perspective on the day-to-day lives of our favorite National Basketball Association (NBA) players through content produced not by them themselves but by the players close to them.

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Super Kiwi

OF all people who saw his gift and talent for fighting, it was Sam Marsters, who was a bouncer at a nightclub where “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt was involved in an altercation who invited Hunt to go to his gym to receive training for kickboxing.

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Allan Across America

AUSTRALIAN Allan Jefferson is your 2022 Race Across America winner! Before we go to Allan, the Tour de France will be pleased to know that the Race Across America is billed as the “world’s toughest bicycle race.”

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Super Sam Holness

SAM HOLNESS has had autism since he was four years old. To him and his father Tony, autism is his “superpower,” neither a disability nor an obstacle.

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Pay parity

IN the recently-concluded Vietnam 31st Southeast Asian Games, as far as individual sports is concerned, both male and female athletes received the same amount of cash prize for winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

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When Harry met TCU

IN a January 24, 2022 article written by Nicholas Howard, a video was featured wherein New Zealand native Harrison “Harry” Young was surprised by his coaches and teammates with an athletic scholarship to play for the Texas Christian University (TCU) Horned Frogs.

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Not so ‘Winning Time’

I SAW a few episodes of the HBO series “Winning Time: Rise of the Laker Dynasty” and because I was a Lakers fan back in the day, the reviews, whether good or bad, doesn’t matter to me.

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At Errol’s ex-Spence

WE saw highlights of the fight between Yordenis Ugas and Errol Spence. The fight was mostly in the middle of the ring with both pugilists exchanging hellacious shot after hellacious shot.

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Sport, Peace and Society

ONE of the challenges of being a sports journalist and a host of a sports podcast is constantly being on the lookout for new materials to write about and guests from different angles and perspectives of sports.

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Not calling the obvious

IN my program “Sports For All” last Friday, National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Rick Barry called out sports broadcasters, specifically play-by-play announcers and commentators, who keep calling the obvious like poor shot selection or bad passes or unforced turnovers.

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Caught in the crosshairs

IN his opinion piece on on Saturday, sports journalist Bruce Berglund writes about Russian athletes, even para athletes or differently-abled athletes both from Russia and Belarus who have been punished for their leadership’s transgression against Ukraine.

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Plethora of sports diplomacy

ALMOST a month ago, Dr. Lindsay Krasnoff was a guest on my program “Sports For All.” Dr. Krasnoff, according to, is “a communications professional and historian with expertise in storytelling, global sport, and sports diplomacy. Proven track record thinking outside-the-box, analyzing information, identifying key issues, creating strategy, executing interdisciplinary projects, and relaying on multi-platform knowledge to diverse audiences, from CEOs and ambassadors to athletes and beyond. Author of The Making of Les Bleus: Sport in France, 1958-2010 and Views From the Embassy.”

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Super Bowl Kupp

EASTERN Washington University isn’t exactly known for its football program, but a product certainly delivered for the newly-minted 2022 National Football League (NFL) champions Los Angeles Rams.

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Journey from Gabon

FROM growing up in Libreville, Gabon, to Youthsports Academy as its Chairman and President. To say that Stevy Worah-Ozimo has come a long way is an understatement.

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Living under a rock

FORGIVE my ignorance Baltimore Ravens fans, especially supporters of quarterback Lamar Jackson. Aside from the San Francisco 49ers rookie quarterback Trey Lance, only Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, Kyler Murray of the Cardinals and the GOAT himself, Tom Brady of the Buccaneers are the only other QB’s I’ve been following.

Sportsmanship: Very much alive

NONITO DONAIRE JR. showed incredible sportsmanship and kindness when he translated Reymart Gaballo’s answers in their pre-fight press conference as Gaballo struggled to answer in English. Donaire went on to score a knockout in the fourth round to set up a rematch against Naoya Inoue.

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14 peaks in six months

IS mountaineering or mountain climbing a sport? According to, “Mountaineering, otherwise known as mountain climbing, is a very popular outdoor sport. There are thousands of mountains in the world, all with their own unique terrain, their own challenges and excitements.”

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‘Ferocious’ and F1 dogfight

GEORGE “FEROCIOUS” KAMBOSOS JR., Senator Manny Pacquiao’s many-time sparring partner, won a few belts of his own by upsetting heavily-favored Teofimo Lopez who beat Vasiliy Lomachenko just 13 months ago.

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Howl Before You Eat!

AKEEM “THE WOLF” SCOTT has been around the game for a long time. From High Point University in North Carolina to playing guard for the Danang Dragons in the Vietnam Basketball Association (VBA).

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League of their own

I CAME across the Sports Illustrated Daily Cover article, “How One Women’s Football Team Took Control Away From the Men” by Britni de la Cretaz and Lyndsey D’Arcangelo. As I was doing my research on women’s American football, there’s a lot of history behind the effort to establish the sport.

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Haley, equality and inclusivity

TO say that Canadian Olympian women’s canoeist Haley Daniels has had an eventful 19 months is an understatement. The past 19 months, in my opinion, have been the most challenging and difficult for an athlete.

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Danbury Trashers

A THEN 17-year-old AJ Galante becoming the president and general manager of his own hockey team—something out of a Disney movie but it ain’t no Disney film and AJ ain’t no Disney character.

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Coach Dan Pfaff

AS a former Math and Science teacher, Dan Pfaff dealt and taught an abundance of analysis, science and critical thinking which carried over to almost 50 years of coaching in athletics, specifically track and field.

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Tara Cebu!

THE air was rife with excitement, enthusiasm, and anticipation as I conversed last Friday with Cebu Football Club owner Ugur Tasci, head coach Oliver “Bing” Colina, team manager Hannah Wong and captain Evren Tasci.

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Nothing fishy with Mardy

FOR the past two weekends, I’ve watched three of Untold’s Netflix documentaries, the first one, Untold: Malice at The Palace then came Untold: Deal with The Devil then last weekend was, Untold: Breaking Point, which was on former world No. 1 Mardy Fish of the US and how he dealt with mental health issue which was severe anxiety disorder.

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Beating the devil

CHRISTY MARTIN—former boxing world champion, Nevada Boxing Hall of Famer and International Boxing Hall of Famer—beat the devil in her Netflix documentary “Untold: Deal with the Devil.”

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Technology legal, is it?

RECORDS are made to be broken, and a lot of them were broken in athletics at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. There’s an ongoing discussion whether it was the track or was it the shoes?

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Japanese sports with Shinkawa

IT was a day after the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ opening ceremonies, held this year, 2021, that I had a conversation with Washington Wizards Marketing Manager and Japanese national Ryo Shinkawa.

Hoops, baseball and parents

LAST Friday on “Sports For All,” I had IMG Academy Associate Director Dan Barto on the program. I saw Dan in the Netflix documentary “One in a Billion” which is about a young Indian basketball player, Satnam Singh, the first fully homegrown Indian to be drafted in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


OVER the weekend, I came across a 2018 documentary, “Fightworld,” which was hosted and voiced over by “Captain America” Marvel villain Frank Grillo.

Knowing Michael and Kobe

MICHAEL and Kobe. Two peas in a pod. Brothers from different mothers. Cut from the same cloth, and same exact pages from different books (Michael Jordan: The Life and Showboat and The Life of Kobe Bryant), both bestsellers authored and written by Roland Lazenby.

Nav Bhatia

NAV BHATIA has never missed a Raptors home game since 1995. He migrated to Canada in 1984 during the anti-Sikh riots in India. He couldn’t find work as a Mechanical Engineer so he worked as a car salesman. He sold 127 cars in three months, then later on, bought the car dealership he was working for, then bought two more after that.

Jump Manila

I USED to weigh 220 lbs then I got into boxing for six months doing six five-minute rounds with only 30 seconds to rest in between.

Pandemic pickles

NO folks, it’s neither the name of a country music band nor a horror movie involving killer pickles. It’s the name of the fastest growing sport in the country and in the US.

Shanden Vergara

IF you look up the word resilient in the dictionary, the photo of Shanden Vergara should be right beside it. The young man has worked his tail off to get to where he is, from San Carlos all the way to Harrogate, Tennessee, where the Rail Splitters of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) ply their trade.

Trey Lance

IF you’re a San Francisco 49ers die-hard fan like me, you’ve got to be ecstatic with the third pick in the recent National Football League (NFL) Draft—Trey Lance.

Jayhawk and Tar Heel

WHEN I saw the news on University of North Carolina (UNC) Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams’s retirement on April 1, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

Jayhawk and Tar Heel

WHEN I saw the news on University of North Carolina (UNC) Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams’s retirement on April 1, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

Sports marketer’s view

AS Covid-19 cases are once again on the rise, on-ground sports events become even more buried deeper than six feet underground. Sports brands have had to pivot and realign their budgets to digital and online initiatives to keep themselves relevant throughout this ordeal.

Emergence of Glutagence

ACCORDING to the web site, in 2020 there were three National Basketball Association (NBA) franchises that had three picks in the draft. What does this have to do with the Women National Basketball League’s (WNBL) Glutagence Glow Boosters?

Game On Sports PH

BEFORE the outbreak, kids get only about 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity or exercise in school once a week—if we’re looking to defeat child obesity and the sedentary lifestyle among children, then once a week isn’t going to cut it.

Girls Got Game

A STUDENT of my former classmate—fellow BusinessMirror columnist Rick Olivares who teaches online journalism, writing, photography, video, interviews and life—Krizanne Ty talked about how young women and former student athletes of Girls Got Game (GGG) brought their A-game to get something special started.

Loaded then assaulted

Luis Resto was born in Puerto Rico then moved to New York when he was nine years old. In what may have been an unfortunate premonition of him as a fighter, as an eighth-grade student, he elbowed his teacher in the face which got him six months in a rehabilitation center for the mentally disturbed.

Bang! Bren Esports wins!

FOLKS, do you know that we’re the Mobile Legends World Champions? The Philippines, represented by Bren Esports, won the 2021 M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship.

Wilde Blu Yonder

Bernie “Benok” Regalario is a 16-year-old Filipino billiards prodigy. He has won tournaments both here and, this early in his young career, already has a pro player sponsorship with Peri Cues.

Kicking it virtually

THE Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and Chooks-to-Go 3×3 Pilipinas weren’t the only successful bubble leagues last year. The Philippines Football League (PFL) had its own successful bubble despite infections on several players at the start of the shortened season.

Load management

WHAT is load management? According to, “Load management is an offshoot of modern sports science research that can help predict when players are most vulnerable to injury and in need of protection.

Gerry Peñalosa

DURING the virtual sidelines of the Second Professional Sports Summit last weekend, we were able to interview one of the two fighting Peñalosa brothers, two-division world champion Gerry Peñalosa.

Pro sports summit

IT was professional sports’ transfer of knowledge and exchange of ideas and best practices. Over the weekend, we were invited as one of the guests and members of the media, particularly the sportswriting and sports columnist community of the second Professional Sports Summit which was virtual.

Mobile legend for a legend

BEFORE a diamond stone becomes a faceted gem, it goes through a lot of pressure and a lot of cutting. Such is Manny Pacquiao, a diamond stone when he started out in professional boxing.

Kids’ athletics online

“WE want to motivate them, tell them to have fun, exercise as much as they can, with energy, and give them the techniques through our athletes so they do it well and do it right. It is a crucial program because many of our children are restricted outdoors. Amidst the limitation, it is vital to be committed to our journey for grassroots development.”

The Eagle

UNDEFEATED in 29 fights with 19 of those clinched by either submission or knockout. He is the first Muslim to win a UFC title. He speaks five languages and is arguably one of the best, if not the best to ever do it in mixed martial arts (MMA) history.

2020 PFL season

ON October 24, the Philippine Football League (PFL) returns in the form of a six-team tournament led by three-time defending champion United City Football Club, formerly known as Ceres-Negros Football Club.

Pro bubble

THE Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) restarted its season on Sunday and the Philippines Football League (PFL) resumes on October 24.


THREE weeks ago, I became a father and I think I speak for all first-time fathers when I say that the experience and feeling is surreal.

Bursting their bubble

OVER the long weekend, and boy, must’ve been a really long weekend for both the University of Santo Tomas (UST) men’s basketball team and the National University (NU) women’s volleyball squad as allegations of training in a bubble outside Metro Manila surfaced.

Recruitment war winners

I HAD the privilege of guesting alongside veteran sports journalists Rick Olivares and Rico Navarro, Philippine Superliga Chairman and Athletics Association President Dr. Philip Ella Juico and De La Salle Green Archers Head Coach Derrick Pumaren in Benny Benitez’s “Bull by the Horn” podcast last Saturday.

Meet and ‘Green’

FILIPINO-American Jalen Green is harnessing himself for the tough grind ahead in the National Basketball Association (NBA) G-League, saying he needs to muscle up as his 18-year-old body will be tested by grown men in the league.

Two leagues’ virtual fans

THE National Basketball Association’s (NBA) bubble season has been on for about a month already and one of the leading stories to come out of the restarted season is, no, not the Phoenix Suns’ 5-0 (won-lost) record care of Devin Booker’s dagger against the Los Angeles Clippers, but the league rearing its creative head, so to speak.

United City FC

ERIC GOTTSCHALK, CEO of MMC Sportz Asia, recently shared a press release on the multi-titled Ceres Negros becoming the United City Football Club.