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Over 25 years of experience as advertising Executive Creative Director in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and 20 years as Journalist for three of the country's major broadsheets. Former President, Creative Guild of the Philippines.

Birdmageddon: A journey to Ursula’s deepest secret

HAD Alfred Hitchcock seen this island, it could have been the location of his famous movie The Birds. The only difference is, the aves are not menacing crows and do not violently attack humans. Instead, they give you expressions of wonder and awe.

A cultural voyage in the age of missiles

A 20-kilometer sea trip amid crazy winds is bad enough, what about a distance 50 times longer, in varying degrees of weather condition and you’re on your own in a wooden boat 20 times smaller than an aircraft carrier?

Pinay Mae Williams makes London crave for Filipino food

It all began with canapés.  When her father passed away in 2011, Mae Magnaye-Williams started a small catering company in London, producing canapés for corporate and private events. Guests raved about them and craved for more. Her secret: she added a Philippine twist to each piece.

Pinoy captain circumnavigated the world many times

Serendipity, I met Ric Autajay and his wife Ces on a ship, about the same time last year. It was the maiden voyage of Star Virgo, the 19-year-old luxury vessel to Manila, a much-publicized event that hugged lifestyle sections of many broadsheets in the Metro.

Pinay is expert linguist in America

In her work, the phrase “lost in translation” is a no-no.   Medy Beroy is a Filipina who works as an independent legal and medical interpreter in Georgia, USA. As an interpreter, she listens to what her clients say and translates them to another language so that legal or medical procedures are translated accurately without losing their meaning.

What it takes to succeed in advertising

Print was one of two of the most loved media up to the last days of 2005. Because we handled a telecom account, doing a print ad excited us no end. For one, the waiting time of seeing the fruits of our hard work was short. It would surely come out on the coming weekend, and whoa, humongous–no less than full page or centerspread.

Puerto Princesa not about  to relax amid tourist influx

More direct flights from neighboring Asian countries. More cruise ships docking at its port. More investors to build bigger hotels. More tourist-centric activity development around the Underground River complex. In essence, that is what the paradise city of Puerto Princesa is gearing up for in 2018 to attract more tourists and perk up its flourishing economy.

PHL’s airport of the future must be built now

Six (at one point, seven) of the world’s 10 best airports are in Asia, and the first three are also in the region. What do all of them have in common? They are destinations by themselves, almost entirely resembling resorts, built by architects and engineers with impeccable design, efficiency and utmost passenger comfort in mind.

Yes, we can make Philippines safest for tourists

Anywhere in the world, tourists experience some of their best and worse moments. Let’s talk about the latter. Even some of the most visited places in the world like Paris, New York, London, Sydney, Barcelona, Manchester, Istanbul, Chicago and Bangkok, among others, have hogged the headlines because of bad elements in society.

One ticket, all fees, all in: Tieza-Cebu Pac deal eases air travel

Businesswoman Divina Valderrama of Quezon City almost missed her flight when she forgot to pay her travel tax at the airport. She was whiling away her time lounging at a café, engrossed at reading a book, oblivious that what she paid for her Japan trip did not include her travel tax. And she was about to go to the pre-departure area. Distraught, she immediately paid her bills and rushed out, almost in panic.

Mimaropa: No ‘Juan’ is an island

THE Ausans of Mindoro moved to Palawan in the 1970s after the patriarch of the family retired from government service. Paulino Ausan had been assigned to the capital to help combat malaria in the province’s far-flung communities.

Long Taxi Lines? ‘UV-long’ here.

Every commuting person knows that it is tough to get a ride in the metro during rush hours. The agony doubles when it rains. Poor commuters are reduced to urban rats—drenched, standing in cramped waiting sheds, hungry—when they should be home with their loved ones. What a pitiful sight. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

The hero is not forgotten

Old photos never die. They fascinate me and I make them live. Every time I stumble into one, I spend precious seconds looking at them to see what lessons I might learn, and hear stories they might want to whisper and make me listen.

Rebranding our paradise: Puerto Princesa

PINK. Red and white make up its characteristics: passion and energy, peace and purity. The mixture gives a color commonly associated with romance. Albeit also associated with femininity, it has a deeper meaning: love, caring and understanding humanity.

Online video or TV ad? Be interesting in both

It is prime time, where are your kids? They are all over the city, watching your favorite show. Not on tv but on a smartphone you once gave them as a present. They are watching Netflix, NBA, the World Cup, UEFA Euro, America’s Next Top Model, BBC, or enjoying Bruno Mars on Youtube.

PHL Tourism: Looking At Brighter Side

Are you a tourism ambassador or heckler? Come join the growing number of citizens pushing the Philippine tourism bandwagon to the world. We are all in it together and when we really want something done, something happens—change.

The Chinese Tourist: Hey, Big Spender

For the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, a businessman from Manila is organizing a reunion of his immediate relatives, not from Binondo, but from Fujian, China. This is not going to be the usual gathering of about 10 or 15 people. It is going to reach about a thousand. He was so upbeat he even put up a travel-agency business, catering mostly to tourists in that part of the mainland.

Epic ad creativity judged by journalists worldwide

Let’s avoid the fancy titles. Let’s just call them creative Directors.  Creative director A is former boss of Creative Director B. The former transfers to another advertising agency but the creative umbilical cord between the two remains rubbery strong.

El Nido: ‘World’s Best Island’ For You, For Keeps

It is not just an award. It is meant to extol sustainability for humanity, modernity with less impact to the environment. It may sound like a motherhood statement but, demographically, it means, all of us, and generations of our children, can look forward to enjoying this paradise, just like Mother Nature made it.

Philippine Harvest, French treats

We have many products that have reached world-class status. Among them the Malagos Dark Chocolate from Davao, Lakan, the premium lambanog sold in most Philippine Duty-Free shops. Ube, our purple yam, is taking the centerstage in patisserie and high-end restaurants in the United States. By sheer coincidence, it is now a culinary superstar in New York’s Manila Social Club. Recently, it sold ube doughnuts, garnished with gold flakes for $1,000 a dozen.

The next big experience: ‘Romblown’ away

MARBLE’S a marvelous mineral. From enhancements that beautify walls and lobbies of elegantly designed skyscrapers to giving character to hotels, offices and homes; bathrooms looking so clean one can sleep in them to balustrades, stairs, monuments, hallways, terraces and tiles that, literally, can floor you (pun intended): What else can you not make beautiful with marble?

‘HuGot’ it right: Is your brand an effective storyteller?

In the olden days, just after sunset, we would usually wait for our “Lola Basyang” on the porch. We would gather around our grandmother and listen to her stories with bated breath. Some of them made us gasp with disbelief. Some made us cringe because they were spine chilling. Some made us roll with laughter on the floor. Some made us cry we even had to share handkerchiefs to wipe off our tears.

The power of Publicis One

Sparkle like a luminous star. Transform. Integrate. Throughout the interview, Nicolas Menat, CEO of Publicis One Asia, the global creative enterprise unifying all Publicis Groupe agency brands (Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and other assets) kept mentioning the last word.

Cruise tourism: The billion peso impact on PHL economy

No less than Condé Nast, the travel bible, called the Philippines as “the next great destination after the Mediterranean and Carribbean”. In a recent island-hopping voyage to the Philippines, famous travel author Lindsay Talbot mentioned the Philippines as a prime destination most travelers have been long overlooking.

Dennis Garcia: Painting songs on canvas

“Blessed are the weird people, the poets and the misfits, the artists and the writers, the music makers, dreamers and outsiders. They force us to see the world differently,” goes an often-quoted line. Steve Jobs used it and so did Dennis Garcia, bassist and writer of many, if not all, iconic Hotdog songs.

Sleep with national artists in Baguio

You may call it a hotel with a museum, or a museum that looks like a hotel. But either that, you must come up to Baguio, not because of Pinagbenga or its cool weather, but for Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fernando Amorsolo, Vicente Manansala, Hernando Ocampo, Carlos “Botong” Francisco and more.

Gabby Lopez

Gabby Lopez: Urban planner, educator, man for others

IT was the First Quarter Storm, a time of many uncertainties. Student activism was raging. After completing his AB Humanities in Ateneo de Manila, Gabby Lopez boycotted his graduation with 20 other students. Then, he was accepted at the University of the Philippines Institute of Planning (now the UP School of Urban and Regional Planning) as its first scholar and belonged to the third batch of graduate students.

Adrian Williams: I started a new life at 25

TURNING 25 was a meaningful year for Adrian Williams, a second-generation Filipino in London who cofounded Philippine Generations, a not-for-profit voluntary organization that promotes Philippine culture in the United Kingdom. His group has grown big and now provides educational, inspirational, as well as empowering, services to members of the Filipino community. The aim: Strengthen Filipino cultural identity in that part of the world.

Ads beautifully, truthfully told

Imagine a billboard on Edsa. It may seem harmless, but on closer look, you see a different version of what was originally approved for display. In the aftermath, the netizens start bashing it. The trigger-happy kind join the fray and all-knowing people post them on social media. Who gets the flak and fined a hefty sum after?