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Shiny happy people

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewI have never been to any Disneyland theme parks. The closest I was to being there, if you could call it that, was watching the Mickey Mouse Club as a kid.

The glamorous life

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewI am not usually the type of person who goes to parties and social gatherings.  The glitz and the glamour associated with it is an all together different world for me.

In the eyes of a child

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewTHREE weeks from now and it will already be Christmas, the most special time of the year.  Sadly for me, I have yet to really feel the warmth and the joy of the season.

Hard at play

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewIn one of the resorts we went to during a recent visit to Puerto Princesa City, a staff pointed to a room on the second floor, which was supposedly used by former President Benigno “PNoy” S. Aquino III in the past.

Endless harmony

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewWHEN you are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders and days are getting colder at the workplace, it is time for you to quickly get out of town and take that much-needed break.

Skip the air-strip to the sunset

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewdid not even know that September was Tourism Month in the Philippines until I was at the opening of the Philippine Tourism Showroom at the Department of Tourism (DOT) head office in Makati City early last week.

Happy hour

WHEN I saw German Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Michael Hasper at the launch of Oktoberfest in Sofitel, Bruno, the movie, immediately came to my mind.

Mix a special brew, put fire inside of you

column-alzonaWALKING in the streets of Lucena took me back to my childhood days, when my mother and I used to go on weekend trips to Manila to hear mass at the Santa Cruz Church and roam around Carriedo’s streets.
Lucena, with its one-lane roads, old buildings, jeeps and large number of people walking the sidewalks, had the same vibe as Carriedo back in the day.

Masters at work

column-alzonaAS I was leaving the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, I told Spanish Ambassador Luis Antonio Calvo that I just experienced a great night of music.

Four chords and several years ago

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewBACK in college, I was lucky enough to have had close friends who were really into music. They were people who would introduce me to new music and take me to the thriving local live scene, both underground and the mainstream.

Every rose has its thorn

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewRAISE your hands if you still remember most of what your teacher taught in your history class.  Personally, outside of March 16, 1521, and June 12, 1898, I can hardly remember anything from my history classes.

The saga begins

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewAT the end of the screening of A Tale of Love and Darkness at The City Club in Alphaland Makati Place, Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau playfully asked the packed crowd if they have questions, and that he was willing to spend the rest of the night answering them.

Circle in the sand

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewWITH the feel of the gentle wind breezing through my face and the sound of the peaceful night as the background, I was taken back to my childhood days, when, together with friends, we would look at the stars in the sky and talk about what we would be like in the future.

Shaping the future of travel

AMADEUS Asia Pacific President Albert Pozo said that, even with the region susceptible to health, economic and political issues, they continued to see strong growth in its travel and tourism industry.

The 18-year job

JOSE LUIS YULO JR. served as Slovenia’s honorary consul for more than 18 years.  It was a job that came to him after a series of unexpected events.

We are fools to the rules of a government plan

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewEIGHT days from now, we as a country will be electing our new set of leaders.  On May 9 we will be cramming ourselves into polling precincts across the country while we vote into office municipal councilors all the way to that person who will be in Malacañang for the next six years.   

Mailbag No. 2

column-Rodel Alzona-a differen viewTHERE is nothing much for me to look forward to these days.  Not that I will be committing harakiri anytime soon but, honestly, nothing really excites me at this time.  Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Caring and saving lives

Her Majesty’s Consul Brendan Gill swims and does yoga in his spare time.  He said it helped him with his back problems while, at the same time, giving him mental resilience.

A self-made man

IT was the middle of the morning, and people were already making their way out of Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s breakfast buffet over at its very popular Spiral restaurant.