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Movie Review: Auggie Wasn’t Wonderful, The People Around Him Were

loved the fact that a little child who was “disfigured” and weak since birth was able to elicit so much goodness in the movie Wonder. For those of you who haven’t watched the film, it is a positive slice of life where Auggie, a 9-year-old adjusts to entering school for the first time after being homeschooled all his life by his doting parents. We also see a glimpse of the lives of the other characters that orbit around the sun that is Auggie, his sister, his friends and the hows and why’s that made them so.

Automating the work of the ‘Bumbay’

MY helper, Ate Tes, couldn’t get to my house to start her job because she didn’t have enough money for transportation. She said there was no Bumbay, a common cultural loan provider for Filipinos who have no access to credit. I gave her the money she needed. Other Filipinos are not so lucky.

My Yolo

WHEN people say Yolo, they mean “You Only Live Once”. To the common millennial, it would be understood as a license to do stupid things because he or she will never get a chance to do stupid things again.

Mansplaining explained

’MANSPLAINING” is a new jargon that essentially occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone—most likely a woman—about something he has complete knowledge of with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he is talking to.

Belle: Then and now

I watched Beauty and the Beast in the movie theater with my mom many years ago, and I watched the musical live-action film just recently. As much as I would have wanted to avoid comparisons, I think it is just human nature that, being there is a reference, there would be comparisons.

The alpha-male effect and DU30

MAXENE MAMBA1MANY people glorify our President-elect Rodrigo R. Duterte, while some are still appalled at his words and behavior. Both camps are equally sided and you have to wonder, what it is about this man that strikes such unequivocal loyalty and hate, all at once.

Beating bad habits

MAXENE MAMBA1noticed something was clearly wrong with my habits: I was procrastinating. It reached a degree that my procrastination has gotten in the way of major life processes, like getting deadlines down and meeting important appointments. It was like something inside me was working at cross-purposes to what I wanted to do.

6 things why I saw myself a God lover

WHEN I was small, one of my favorite movies was Sister Act. It was about Dolores, a lounge singer who got involved with the wrong kind of people and had to hide in a convent as part of her witness-protection program. Being that she was liberated, ostentatious and outspoken, she posed a challenge to the nuns.