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Three vaccines block Zika virus in monkeys

One day after US health officials announced an early start to a clinical trial to test a Zika vaccine in humans, researchers reported in the journal Science that three different types of vaccines designed to block the virus all worked to perfection in monkeys.

Looting, unrest roiling Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela—Venezuela, where anger over food shortages is still mounting, continued to be roiled this week by angry protests and break-ins of grocery stores and businesses that have left five dead, at least 30 injured and 200 arrested, according to various news reports.

Yemen starts truce on Friday

SANAA, Yemen—Yemen’s warring sides have agreed to a temporary halt in hostilities to allow desperately needed aid to reach civilians in the Arab world’s poorest country, the United Nations announced on Thursday.

Madonna and her ‘Rebel Heart’

MADONNA opens her strong new album with “Living for Love,” a jubilant house jam about moving beyond a debilitating breakup. But love, of course, is only one of the things that pop’s most paradoxical superstar is living for these days.

Russia arrests two in Nemtsov killing

MOSCOW—Russian investigators have arrested two men from the restive North Caucasus region as suspects in the brazen slaying of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov more than a week ago, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSS) chief announced in a televised statement on Saturday.

What’s really going on in North Korea

It was a news story that read like the plot of a Peter Sellers or Mike Myers picture: Vertically challenged dictator of a starving populace, overweight and addicted to imported Swiss cheese, falls off his high heels and breaks both ankles. He is sent off to rehab and, in his absence, rivals jostle for preeminence as the world anxiously looks on and speculates.

Apec summit measures leave Beijing with cleaner air

BEIJING—Forget driving every day, and don’t plan on getting married. Don’t think about applying for a passport, or a visa, or registering your business either—those offices will be closed. You won’t be able to purchase fireworks, or go to a gas station with a jerrycan and buy fuel.

Dallas nurses on Ebola hospital care: ‘There was no protocol’

DALLAS—A Liberian man who arrived by ambulance at a Dallas hospital with symptoms of Ebola sat for “several hours” in a room with other patients before being put in isolation, and the nurses who treated him wore flimsy gowns and had little protective gear, nurses alleged on Tuesday as they fought back against suggestions that one of their own had erred in handling him.

HK protests stem from fear of Chinese reunification

CHINA frequently accuses the West, and the United States in particular, of stirring up trouble and fanning fears of China. From foreign-funded non-governmental organizations that spread ideas about human rights and constitutional government, to Western journalistic exposés of the wealth of Chinese officials, the West seems bent on humiliating China, as it has since the early 19th century.

Ukraine cease-fire unraveling; 11 killed

AT least 11 adults were killed in Ukraine on Wednesday when artillery shells struck a schoolyard and bus stop in suburban Donetsk on the belated first day of school for the city at the center of a pro-Russia rebellion against rule from Kiev, Russian and Ukrainian news agencies reported.