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Still a revolution

No country in Asia supposedly has more experience with democracy than the Philippines. Yet, 123 years since establishing the first Philippine Republic in 1899 and over 36 years after our liberation from the Marcos dictatorship…here we are still…and here we go again.

Can’t blame celebrities

IT comes as no surprise that many showbiz personalities are again running for political office in the 2019 midterm elections, given their successful campaigns in past polls. Indeed, many of those who are running are incumbent officials seeking reelection.


We are in favor of the passage of Senate Bill 1483, authored by Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto, which would require the country’s economic managers to make a biannual appearance before a joint committee of Congress to report on the country’s debt and finances.

Crime thriller turns out to be an inspired tale of love and redemption

THE last time I wrote movie reviews, I was writing for another paper. I have written just one movie review for BusinessMirror (specifically, for Personal Fortune, our paper’s magazine) in the last four years I’ve worked here—a piece on Sly Stallone’s comeback movie Rocky Balboa, just because the 1976 Oscar best picture Rocky was one of my favorites.