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Faye Pablo is a graduate of the Philippine Christian University-Manila with a degree in Mass Communication, major in Broadcasting and Journalism. She joined the news outfit right after graduating in 2015 as an Editorial Coordinator and has done various assignments covering travel and technology.

Burger Garage now open

IN a generation where food parks and food hubs are booming—Burger Garage has finally making its way to the top. Burger Garage has an instagrammable interior and A+ food on the hot spot.

Where luxury meets affordability

LUCKY for us, the recent Asean Summit and Labor Day gave us a prolonged weekend getaway where we can enjoy the scorching heat of the sun at our own beloved local tourist spots. But as late as it was declared, searching and saving for a cost-friendly hotel/resort reservation become quite hard.

Nagger mom

NAG, according to Merriam Webster, is to cause (someone) to feel annoyed for a long period of time.

Ecotourism Bohol launched

BOHOL is known for the famous Chocolate Hills, Panglao, and the cute little creature, Tarsier. But the island has so much more to offer other than those things mentioned.

Tech is like a sperm cell without a mate

Faye Pablo1DO you even wonder when the invention and development of different technologies will end? Or who will be the next invent to something dumbfounding and jaw dropping? Or thought whether there’s still something next with all the technologies that we have now?