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Nursing crisis is here and getting worse

IT is alarming when a developed country is offering thousands of scholarships to Filipino nursing students so they can immediately migrate to work after passing the Nurses Licensure Examination. Worse is when developed countries are actively recruiting nursing students to pursue and finish their nursing education in a host country, which ensures the supply of nursing human resource. Who would refuse scholarships? Who would not want to obtain a college diploma in a developed country?

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You want health, but do you understand it?

WE are all exhausted in monitoring how the coronavirus is mutating to impose a continuing threat to our lives, our living styles and our future. The news that present the dominantly negative updates and the government that is re-inventing the twists and turns in the recycled classifications of quarantines are all draining the very energy we need to cope up with the situation and become part of the solution.

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Franchising is the best business model

“This pandemic is a perfect storm for the new generation of franchises.” This is the optimistic view of Dr. Samie Lim who is regarded as the Father of Philippine Franchising. Dr. Alegria “Bing” Limjoco, regarded as the Mother of Philippine Franchising, asserts that when the economy is down, entrepreneurs go up.  Both of them are evidence-based optimists who are speaking from vision, history, lived experiences, and objective data. They have seen in history how franchising picked up the opportunities out of the past economic crises and recessions.

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Quality. Agility. Tenacity

A small enterprise engaged in the business of preparing aspiring professionals for board examinations attempted to engage in ISO Certification in 2019. The company was very ambitious to take the road that even many educational institutions fell short of achieving. But it dared itself and its management to take the road to ISO Certification. And it became successful. It was the first business of its kind to have been awarded the seal of quality based on the international standards of ISO 9001:2015. 

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Skills needed in the future, confirmed

IN anticipation of the new requirements of the new world order, we need to understand how the pandemic disruption has changed the landscape of the workplace. The most important resource, the human resource, needs to be understood so that education and training can reconfigure and redesign while the workplace retools its current workforce.  The good news is that the very technological disruption that is transforming jobs can also provide the key to creating them—and help us learn new skills to remain relevant.

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Local colleges and universities amid disruptive era

Former actress and businesswoman Ina Alegre-Cruz won as mayor of Pola, a third class municipality in Oriental Mindoro, in 2019. During her campaign, she promised to establish a community college, which she did within a few months from her oathtaking. It was on top of her budget priority. With a budget of P10 million only, she was able to establish the Pola Community College (PCC) through the renovation of the old municipal building and ensured its operational budget for one year.

A fever worse than Covid

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Election fever! This is a kind of fever that is worse than Covid-19. As Covid-19 kills people and the economy, the election fever is killing the present and the future in ways we already know. And its effect is far more devastating, in the real sense of the word. But the election experience is a periodical sickening chapter of every Filipino’s life.

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Abundance. Community pantry. Lessons

The Philippine version of Community Pantry is not an original. It is inspired by a scene of a large crowd that followed Jesus in a remote place. They went there for healing. The disciples wanted to send the crowd away so they could go to the villages and buy themselves some food. And Jesus didn’t allow the idea. With only five loaves and two fish, Jesus was able to feed 5,000 men, besides women and children. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up 12 basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. This event was documented at Matthew 14:13-21.

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Learning crisis is real: Unite to solve it now

On October 21, 2020, this writer published an article, Why Business Sector Should Push for EdCom 4.0. Here are the highlights of that paper—but the full article can still be searched in the BusinessMirror web site: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2020/10/21/why-business-sector-should-push-for-edcom-4-0/

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The bubble has a science: Will our version float or burst?

IF managed appropriately, social bubbles can be an effective way of extending contacts beyond the household while limiting the increase in epidemic risk. This was the conclusion of a research study on the effectiveness of social bubbles as part of a Covid-19 lockdown exit strategy led by Trystan Leng in the UK.

Of nursing, vaccines and nurses’ cap

Nursing is the largest educational group in the health sector, accounting for approximately 59 percent of the health professions. According to the State of the World’s Nursing Report in 2020, the global nursing work force is 27.9 million, of which 19.3 million are professional nurses. Over 80 percent of the world’s nurses are found in countries that account for half of the world population. The Global Strategy on Human Resource for Health in 2016 and the SWNR of 2020 are consistent in estimating the shortage of some 5.6 to 5.7 million nurses in 2030.

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Coping with pandemic moments, now

ALL human evil comes from a single cause – man’s inability to sit still in a room.  French physicist, philosopher and theologian Blaise Pascal was quoted saying that in the 17th century. In our present time, we have the quarantine experience that gives us the opportunity to be still and reflect. Yet, what we hear are stories of mental health concerns. We regret in grief what we have lost and many missed the chance to savor the experiences and learn the lessons. We are shocked by the uncertainty. We are tired of the limited movement in the old restless world. The social media that provide the most infinite potential to socialize have largely become a stressful community of lies, rages, and biases.

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Adversity quotient and the pandemic

IT has been established that intelligence is neither limited to what academics can prove nor what humans can display as emotional control and self-mastery. There is a form of intelligence that determines if one can go pass through the turbulence of life and ascend towards success and happiness, no matter what. This intelligence is called adversity quotient.

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The healing of the ‘Port of the Galleons’

Puerto Galera was called a paradise in the early days of modern Philippine tourism when it captured the world’s attention, much ahead of Boracay. In 1973, the Unesco designated Puerto Galera as a Man and Biosphere Reserve. It has some of the most diverse coral reefs in Asia, at the very heart of the “Coral Triangle.” The “center of the center” of marine biodiversity in the world is Verde Passage—the waters between Batangas and Mindoro. Its coral reefs house about 60 percent of the world’s shore fish. Puerto Galera is well known for its numerous scuba diving spots. In 2005, the Paris-based Les Plus Belles Baies Du Monde Club declared it as one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. It is the tourism municipality of the province of Oriental Mindoro.

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The blue sky revolution: Business as an agent of world benefit

A corporation is privileged with a juridical personality, which in effect makes it a temporal being created with rights and privileges as well as duties and obligations. The primary purpose written in the incorporation document of a corporation spells out its essence of being and prescribes its boundaries of becoming towards corporate citizenship. It is logical therefore to oblige this corporate citizen to assume its social role with social rights as provider, political rights as channel, and civil rights as enabler. Simply, it is about being a good neighbor to a host community.

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Fearless forecast 2021

Life is not all about Covid-19. We are done hiding with fear of the novel microscopic enemy that modern science had enough time to now understand and we brace to confront it—and its variants—fearlessly.

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Meanings of a PANDEMIC Christmas

CHRISTMAS is a beautiful tradition, especially in the Catholic faith.  This biggest and longest celebration of the year is generating happy emotions through festive revelries.  In the Philippines, its onset is in September and ends in January.  The child-like human nature finds spiritual experiences of faith in re-living the stories of how Jesus Christ was born by Virgin Mary in the manger.

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Honor thy heroes

IT was with great honor and privilege for the business sector to thank the frontliners, the health-care professionals, who risk their lives on a daily basis so others may live. In the words of Ambassador Benedicto Yujuico, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the health frontliners are the true heroes of this pandemic and we are and should forever be grateful. The Gawad Bayaning Kalusugan was initiated by this writer as a national tribute to individual health professionals and health-care teams from hospitals. It was presented by the PCCI, along with the Association of Allied Health Organizations of the Nation (AAHON) and Health Educationalists, Advocates and Leaders of the Philippines (HEAL Ph), and co-presented by almost all health organizations and supported by almost all business organizations.

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Are hospitals safe? Perceptions and realizations

Our place of sanctuary couldn’t be the same place we are afraid to go. This dichotomized perspective is reflected in a survey to determine the general public’s perception of hospitals, before and during the pandemic. While perception matters, there are more that the public should know about how safe hospitals could be, and there is more that the hospitals should do to create a more positive public impression about hospitals. There seems to be an image issue on how hospitals are known as a place to go to and be in during this pandemic experience.

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Where the leader and the followers become one

There is no leader if not for the follower influenced to take the road he leads. It is the follower that makes a leader. Through human history, leadership has evolved in its essence and form, but leadership finds meaning in how the leader and the followers become one to achieve the victories in their times. The pandemic experience has nurtured the nature of the “being and the becoming” of leaders. The crisis became the shining moments for some of the great leaders, like the great sailors navigating rough seas.

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When planning is not everything

The Father of Modern Management, Peter Drucker, defines planning as the continuous process of making present entrepreneurial decisions systematically and with best possible knowledge their futurity, organizing systematically the efforts needed to carry out these decisions against the expectation through organized systematic feedback.

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What the Covid-19 heroes are made of

Thirty-five health professionals and 43 health teams from 35 medical institutions were nominated to the Gawad Bayaning Kalusugan, a national search for the best benchmarks of medical care amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Gawad Bayaning Kalusugan is presented by the PCCI and was initiated by the Association of Allied Health Organization of the Nation (AAHON), the Health Educationalist, Advocates and Leaders Philippines (HEAL PH) under this writer’s leadership.

Ideate. Create. Innovate.

Entrepreneurship is all about finding an unmet need and building a business around it. One can only be in business if there is a product or service that someone is willing to buy. While there is a reduction in the discretionary income of Filipino families, the Covid-19 pandemic is giving rise to many and new unmet needs, and there are emerging opportunities and challenges with the shift in consumer preferences.

VUCA world 4.0 and the Covid-19 pandemic

IN 1991, the US Army coined the acronym VUCA in response to the extreme condition in Afghanistan and in Iraq that resulted to the total change in the nature of warfare. The art of their war adapted to the VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.

Perfect storm for the new generation of franchises

The Covid-19 pandemic may be the worst crisis that modern humanity has ever experienced, but it isn’t the first storm that challenged the optimists who anticipate the rainbow after the rain. This pandemic is a perfect storm for the new generation of franchises. This is the optimistic view of Samie Lim, regarded as the Father of Philippine Franchising. For her part, Alegria “Bing” Limjoco, who is regarded as the Mother of Philippine Franchising, said that when the economy is down, entrepreneurs arise. Both of them speak from vision, history and data. They have seen how franchising opened opportunities in past economic crises and recessions.

The age of survival entrepreneurship

The pandemic experience is not all bad. There are blessings that come as great surprises to humanity trying to navigate the new normal. While many people have suffered the negative impact of the economic and health crisis, there are opportunities that emerged—by choice and by chance.

Vision, disruption, innovation and the Metro Manila Business Conference

Vision is the ideal state of the future, which is formulated and stated to guide individuals, businesses and organizations to where they are heading—it is the destination by design. The shared vision of an organization becomes a powerful element of influence in leadership and a strategic compass in shaping its culture. Aligned with the sense of purpose, which is the mission, and the binding philosophy, which are the core values, the vision is the end-in-mind that anchors the organizational and business direction and development. Businesses with sound fundamentals, in terms of shared vision, purpose-driven mission and vibrant core values, are most likely to survive and thrive through crisis, including the
Covid-19 pandemic.