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Fil-Am Miss USA is Miss Universe 2022

A Filipino-American who wants to use fashion as a force for good is the 71st Miss Universe. R’Bonney Nola Gabriel, 28, who represented Texas at Miss USA, was crowned on January 14, 2023, 9 AM Manila time, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

A Cat above the rest

FROM “Girl to Beat” to “Girl on Fire,” Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray’s exhilarating time in Thailand ended with her being crowned the “Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe.”

Rajo Laurel and the year’s biggest gala

‘IT’S nice because I started it 10 years ago. It’s sort of like nakakataba ng puso; at the same time it’s very gratifying and fulfilling. I’m just filled with gratitude that I’m able to celebrate 25 years of my career with the 10 years of the Red Charity Gala,” Rajo Laurel, one of the most recognizable names in Philippine fashion, says of being the featured designer of the annual fund-raising fete.

Karen Ibasco wins fourth Miss Earth title for PHL

As soon as she introduced herself as “Liwanag ng Kalikasan” her “Heroine Fighting Climate Change” persona in the parade of nations segment, Karen Santos Ibasco of the Philippines proved unstoppable as the warrior-goddess to beat at the Miss Earth 2017 pageant last Saturday night.

Miss Universe tickets to sell at P8,000 to P50,000

Contrary to memes dominating most Facebook feeds over the weekend, the tickets for “The Most Beautiful Night in the Universe” are not as affordable as one is hoping to believe. The cheapest is pegged at P2,120 while the highest is P14,260, with other posts saying VIP tickets cost P25,000.

Enticing the techie

I’m technology-intolerant. I’d be the first to admit that. Anything new that comes along mystifies me—be it a new gadget, a Microsoft Word retooling, or an e-mail trick. I could hold on to a phone until it conks out, or to a laptop until the screen flatlines. I’m not easily lured into buying the latest product until what I’m using becomes unusable.