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Bjorn’s journey to the world of NFTs

At first, Filipino painter and interdisciplinary artist Bjorn Calleja didn’t pay much attention to NFTs. He simply saw it as a platform for digitally native art. “I felt that it belonged to the 3D artists, creative coders, digital painters and illustrators, etc.” It was his playful experimentation with animation that eventually led him to realize that tokenizing and minting his creations made sense.

A Mother’s Tale in Sub Rosa poetry book

Through her poems, she unveiled her feelings and laid bare her life’s reflections, and for years, kept them from the public’s eyes. Thanks to the cheering and goading of people close enough to appreciate her talent and musings, “Sub Rosa: The Crucifix of a Poet and other Poems” was eventually born of Maria Linda Hanihara, an award-winning creative writer, editor, lawyer, wife and devoted mother to her special child, Mina Ellen.

Resort living reaches new heights in Batangas

Landco Pacific Corp. is making waves in elevating the resort lifestyle experience with the introduction of Club Laiya and CaSoBē (Calatagan South Beach). With its beach town concept, the development company offers the unique experience of living in a resort in both properties designed for the convenience and interest of its investors and residents.

Creative response to heal body and spirit

For true artists, creativity doesn’t stop in quarantine. At the onset, it is a disabling situation, this pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. However, the crippling circumstance fuels artists to harness their strengths and creative juices as they work to maintain their connections to the world that still exists outside their homes. With a strong purpose, there are artists who have been throwing themselves into the fray and making sure that art and artists remain relevant even under the isolating pall of a pandemic.

Chasing the last summer days in Osaka and Kyoto

Osaka’s warm sunny day was a welcome respite that broke the wet spell from the downpour that we have been enduring for days in Manila. Courtesy of AirAsia that now flies the Manila to Osaka route, our media group went on a three-day sponsored tour that left us dreaming and planning for more adventures in the Kansai region.

Marius Black: From comic books to developing art prints

They were so familiar, common even; those everyday scenes that regularly take place around the city. From one image to another, one would wonder and try to figure out what the artist saw and captured through the lines and colors, to decipher what the artist’s artworks meant to him and to his audience. Obviously, he’s an experienced artist whose signature in katakana was a dead give away of his affinity to Japanese culture while in Manila Ukiyo-E: Hidden Beauty exhibit he declares his deep connection to the city’s simple folk and their way of living that leave him in awe every single day.

Coming to terms with a dark past

HIS past works have always dealt with the harsh realities affecting children. On his tenth show, full-time visual artist Eric Guazon took a journey into his past and, as a son to his personal hero, ushered his audience into a conversation that invokes tracing back history; about the hard lessons the nation must not forget as we try to define a future that’s free from making the same mistakes.

Biker pilgrims complete Bisikleta Iglesia cycle 6

THE country’s only Visita Iglesia on wheels marked its sixth year as more than 200 cyclists joined Bisikleta Iglesia on April 13. Visita Iglesia is a sacred vow of Filipino Catholics who visit at least seven different churches to pray at every stop during the Lenten season. While others may opt to be transported to the visitation routes, many choose to do it on foot in remembrance of hardship and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Organized by Lima Park Hotel, Bisikleta Iglesia is an adaptation of that sacred vow that enjoins cyclists to a pilgrimage tour.