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SSS at your fingertips

Internet has dominated the way we live since the early-1980s.  Service accessibility is right at our fingertips. Since the late- 1990s, the Social Security System (SSS) has been working for an anytime, anywhere service for its members based here and abroad. These technological services are discussed here.

Running after the uncaring and deviant employers

There are good and bad employers as there are good and bad employees. Good employers pay the correct taxes and comply with government requirements. Bad employers do not. Among them are those who do not remit Social Security System (SSS) premiums promptly and regularly. The government, however, is not toothless. It always has effective means to run after uncaring and deviant employers.

RACE to ensure employer compliance

Filipinos are known to be diligent and dedicated workers, always ready to do their assigned tasks, finish it on time or earlier, but always with high quality. The desire to always be good at work stems from the innate love for family among Filipinos, because to do their jobs well is to provide a decent life for their families. Most of the time, they forgo their material wants just to provide for the needs of their loved ones.

WDLG: A stronger collection mechanism for SSS 

Members’ contributions are considered the lifeblood of the Social Security System, accounting for about 80 percent of total SSS revenues, while the remaining 20 percent come from earnings generated from SSS investments. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Social Security Commission (SSC) under the Duterte administration has always put contribution collection as its top priority.

The SSS row: A reason to believe

Four Social Security System (SSS) officials stand accused of insider trading, that is, using their own money, they (except one of them) allegedly bought a few shares of stock from SSS contacts or brokers that allegedly yielded them a consolidated profit of about P500,000.

Members’ contributions are the lifeblood of SSS

Workers derive a sense of empowerment from being able to provide for their personal, as well as their loved ones’, basic needs, and even the simple pleasures and luxuries that life has to offer. But when unforeseen contingencies strike, it can make them feel helpless and distressed at their mounting bills and financial obligations, especially when these events impair their ability to earn a living.

SSS is an investment destination

These days, the Social Security System (SSS) has been in the limelight mainly due to the ongoing media discussions on a possible contribution hike. As expected, there are groups who oppose this, saying that it is an additional cost or burden to employers and employees.

The shadow of their smiles

The Social Security Commission works as the policy-making body of the Social Security System (SSS). It acts collegially. It checks the decisions and recommendations of SSS vice presidents and department managers, who constitute the management. Major management decisions, especially those requiring financial allocations, cannot be implemented without the approval of the Commission.

Duterte charms SSS employees, members and pensioners

FOR about an hour or so, President Duterte briefly bonded with the Social Security System (SSS) employees and some members and pensioners during the celebration of its foundation anniversary on September 6. The affair, where Duterte delivered a 20-minute extemporaneous speech, was held at the SSS main offices at East Avenue, Quezon City.

Banks fail to remit millions of premium payments

Employers comply with their legal obligation to pay their and their employees’ premium contributions to the different Social Security System (SSS) branches posted all over the archipelago. Nonpayment of the same exposes the employers to suits filed against them by the SSS and its affected members.

Publication of vacant posts a must–Comm. Pompee La Viña

The Governance, Organization and Appointments Committee (GOAC) is one of the working committees of the Social Security System (SSS) Board. The other working committees are the Collection, Coverage and Related Matters, Information Technology, Investments, Investments Oversight, Audit, Risk Management and Media Affairs committees.