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Sneaky errors

IN the newspaper business, galley proofs are the preliminary versions of news items meant for review by copy editors and proofreaders. In the days of handset letterpress printing, the printer would set the page into “galleys”—metal trays into which type was laid and tightened into place. A small proof press would then be used to print a copy of news items for proofreading.

Mind over matter: Anti-stress tips for antiaging

The authors of Stopping the Clock said numerous studies have shown that your health is greatly affected by how you react to stressful events in life—setbacks or deadlines at work, conflicts and losses at home. By the same token, they said changing your reactions, learning to meditate or do other relaxation techniques, and generally committing to a positive, open attitude toward life can help make you younger.

The long-life diet: Nutrition for longevity

A good diet is the cornerstone to your health and long life. A healthy diet can make a big difference to how quickly you age. In the book Stopping the Clock, Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman said a good diet has the following benefits:

Rules for immortality

This column was conceived to review and digest books, studies and research papers on longevity and anti-aging, with special focus on advances in medical science that will change the face of health care for the elderly. We will prioritize books that feature breakthroughs in age reversal techniques and present these longevity tips and ideas from medical and anti-aging authorities in bite-sized servings. We hope that the longevity tips we will learn from medical experts will help us unlock the secrets of immortality.

International NY Times blocked in Thailand over king article 

BANGKOK — The local printer of the International New York Times decided not to publish Tuesday’s edition in Thailand because of an article on the future of the Thai monarchy that it called “too sensitive to print” in the country, where strict laws limit open discussion of the royal family.

DOTC opens bids for P4-B ITS-South terminal project

Department of Transportation and Communications personnel open the bids for the Integrated Transport System-South terminal project. Both Ayala Land and Filinvest have hurdled the technical evaluations and will compete for the right to build and operate the P4-billion transport hub near the Food Terminal Inc. in Taguig City.

Deep decarbonization

Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General and Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs delivers a lecture on Deep Decarbonization at the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The lecture is the last session in the two-day Meeting of the International Policy Advisory Group.