Wednesday, August 17, 2022


The highs and lows of stacking

IN a previous organization, I was asked to stack rank my team, and I thought it was only natural to do so because we needed to know our top performers. Our head then explained that by identifying what made them perform well, we could learn how to duplicate those knowledge and skills to the underachievers to help them perform better. However, he also…

Corporate occupiers seeking gateway to south flocking to Alabang’s new buildings

Various GMA Network accounts, artists among TikTok Awards PHL nominees

‘The Baseball Player’, Max Eigenmann lead all winners in Cinemalaya 2022


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A new gin from Japan for any and every meal

Suntory brings Sui to the Philippines, a new standard of gin. Sui Gin hails from a rich heritage, being from the same Suntory Osaka plant that produced the Hermes Gin in 1936 and Roku Gin in 2017. The creation and perfection of Sui Gin are based on more than 100 years of Suntory’s expertise…
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Can job-hopping help retirement savings?

Millennials have been coined the “job-hopping generation,” and I’ve contributed to that stereotype. I started my career at 22 and have job-hopped almost every year since. For many of those years, I was young and restless, and there was another part of me looking for more fulfilling work and…



Envoys & Expats



The story of India, 75 years in the making  

Serena Williams, the athlete and cultural icon

‘The Sacrifice Zone’: Myanmar bears cost of green energy


Banksy painting sprayed in West Bank resurfaces in Tel Aviv

PHOTOS: A look back at this year’s Tour de France


HIMARS and howitzers: West helps Ukraine with key weaponry

Taking selfies, Sri Lankans converge on presidential palace

Shinzo Abe, divisive, powerful former Japan PM, assassinated

Boris Johnson

From Brexit to Partygate, a timeline of Boris Johnson’s career

The Broader Look