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Monday, September 20, 2021


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The great eye cream debate

THERE is a debate in the beauty realm right now as to whether people need to use eye cream or not. One school of thought says no because they believe moisturizer does the work of an eye cream, which is just an additional expense and skin-care step. But many still believe eye cream is important. This is my take on eye creams: personally, I don’t use them a lot but that is because I am lazy…
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Up, down, Norwich we go

THERE’S this old English nursery rhyme that goes, “The Man in the Moon came tumbling down, and asked the way to Norwich. He went by the south, and burnt his mouth while eating cold pease porridge.” And I thought of that rhyme after Norwich City Football Club lost to Watford, 3-1, its fifth consecutive loss to start out this Premier League 2021-22 season and 15th overall dating back to the…
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The apotheosis of Mae Paner: Because we want to change

‘Photojournalism” is the only word that greets us in the first of the four-part monologue, called Tao Po. It is not a seductive word given how photojournalism has been bandied about for many years. The fear that this presentation is going to be a didactic one, the usual in-your-face activist propaganda, is an immediate impression. Then, a figure in black walks to a table, grabs a white or…
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Showing love to the ‘grandest’ people in this pandemic

SEPTEMBER is the month we celebrate Grandparents’ Day. My maternal grandmother, Ama Inang, also just celebrated her birthday last week. My kids prepared a simple video greeting for their great grandmother, ending with Meagan playing her drums. It made me think of many of us who are worried on how we can properly care and support our parents and grandparents during this pandemic. It has…
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Franco’s Journey

DO you think that our lives are pre-ordained? Maybe. Maybe not. But sometimes, life places stepping stones on our path. It is up to us to understand them and to take them and see where it goes. It is amazing when you connect the dots of Franco Finn’s life and where it has led him today as the Golden State Warriors’ Hype Man for the last 20 years, a media person, a professional host, and a…
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The best 9.9 beauty deals

THE two-number sales on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee offer good bargains on everything, from laundry detergent to shoes and apparel. You can also get bonus discount vouchers, additional discounts and other perks and privileges. One of the best things to buy in these sales are makeup and skin-care products. Since it is difficult to test cosmetics in stores these days,…
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Ko Llab: Vocal for local

IN 2015, Jared Servano placed second in Project Runway Philippines Season 4. With this huge triumph, fashionistas expected him to set his sights on a lucrative career in the Metro. Instead, he chose to practice in his native Koronadal City, South Cotabato. “My life in fashion changed a lot. But penetrating the mainstream was not easy for me especially as I come from a far-flung area of the…
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Versus Hamilton

DON’T you just love the rivalry between Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen? By the time this column comes out, the Dutch Grand Prix at the CM Circuit Zandvoort will be over and either Hamilton re-takes the lead in the driver’s championship or Verstappen adds to his lead in his home race. Crucial is an understatement. And the rivalry? I love it. I think this rivalry that…
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Reaching Gen Z in the time of Covid-19

THERE is no single Gen Z, as the variety of nicknames this demographic has acquired globally vividly demonstrates. In the United Kingdom, they are ‘Generation Sensible.’ In America, they are are ‘iGen,’ ‘Zoomers’ and the ‘Homeland Generation.’ In Russia, they are ‘Centennials.’ In India, they are ‘Digizens.’ They are also more generally known as the ‘empowered generation’ and the ‘green…
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Beauty trends we have seen in quarantine

IN the nearly year and a half that we have been quarantined, a slew of trends in the beauty industry have come and gone. We started out in March 2020 thinking the pandemic would be over in a month or two, but we are still here and many went out with fully made-up faces and had skin-care routines. So many things have changed since then and beauty-wise, we have dealt with so many issues…
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‘We’re all born naked and the rest is drag’

Cheer. Clap. Shout. We are going to be blessed with not one but two queer spaces of love. In less than 24 hours, the country—or the LGBTQ sector—was jolted by the calls for auditions to Drag Den Philippines and Drag Race Philippines. Yes, drag glocalization is here with two sickening competitions coming to our shores. Officially. CHAMPION. Drag Den was teased for several months by Manila…
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The coronavirus chronicles: WFH 2.0 and how to do it better

LAST year, many of us were suddenly thrust into a work-from-home mode because of the pandemic.  While we welcomed this new way of working, we also had to figure out how to do it.  At that time, there was no instruction manual on this. Today, we find ourselves still struggling with the effects of the pandemic, and yes, working from home. For many people, these challenges aren’t…
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An Afghan tragedy

THERE have been calls—among many others—to spring free the members of Afghanistan’s national women’s football team before the Taliban get their hands on them. The swift and sudden folding of the old Afghan government even before the American pullout from the country caught most by surprise. I don’t think anyone expected the Afghan national government to hold out long against the emboldened…
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Is cica the new niacinamide?

After niacinamide became mainstream, so many products in the skin-care market now contain this skin brightening and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Cetaphil’s Bright Healthy Radiance line, COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence, Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash, and Olay are only some of the selected brands and products that use niacinamide. As for cica, perhaps the brand that’s…
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Inequitable decision

WATCHING Untold: Malice at the Palace on Netflix, it brought me back to one of the most infamous melees in sports history. While I knew much of what happened as someone who keenly followed the events, what was interesting was to see the various people involved in the now infamous brawl speak out. I was a bit surprised that the documentary people left out also the ill-fated US men’s olympic…
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Quarantine and hair loss

THERE’S a hit tweet that shows the image of a hand holding many strands of hair that had fallen. The tweet reads: Me every time I touch my hair. The reason why that tweet resonated with so many people is because falling hair beyond normal levels (50 to 150 strands a day) is a manifestation of quarantine anxiety for so many people. Sleepless nights thinking of our livelihood, being alone or…
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The Coronavirus Chronicles: Why good writing is getting things done

WITH many more of us working remotely because of the two-week lockdown, this would be a good time for us in communications to work on and polish our writing skills. “In business communication, what matters are results,” says Jeff Haden in an article in “Writing is only good writing when it gets things done.” How can we, for example, get our proposal approved by management, clinch…
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Can France find next gen talent?

AS France’s men’s basketball team bowed to the United States in the gold medal match of the Tokyo Olympics, Rudy Gobert could not hold back his emotions. I like Gobert and think he is an incredible basketball player. Showing his emotions is not going to take anything away from my respect for this Frenchman. More than being an emotional player, I wonder if it was tears because this could…


Bike, bite, drive & fly

WITH a land area of just above 33 sq  km, Dumaguete City is surprisingly packed with a bevy of activities for a consummate journey in one of the country’s safe havens in this time of pandemic. Negros Oriental’s provincial capital and smallest local government unit, it goes by the tag “City of Gentle People” because of its warm and hospitable way of…

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