Thursday, December 09, 2021


Changing career lanes

DURING the pandemic, many people were laid off and had to take odd jobs here and there just to make ends meet. Others put their focus and energies on their hobbies, consequently making a decent, if not better, source of income for themselves. And with the possibility of a fully remote work force, some have started to consider looking for better work…

Consumers value a product viewed online more if they see it being virtually touched


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Management is so passé: Workers demanding ‘co-creation’

By David Weitzner / York University, Canada It’s time for business, political and organizational leaders to give up on “management.” Workers today don’t want to be managed, even benevolently. They want to be partners in co-creation, where all members are empowered to bring their whole selves…
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The world’s top job finder wants to get rid of resumes

The company behind the world’s biggest employment portal says it has a solution to the labor shortage gripping the US: getting rid of the traditional resume. Despite the acute need for workers, “the hiring process is still resumes, sending resumes, checking resumes,” said Hisayuki “Deko”…
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Online platform helps advertising freelancers find work

The challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly affected the creative industry. Large corporations have become conservative with advertising and promotional activities, physical events have been disallowed, and so on. This means less work for scores of professional…



Envoys & Expats



Omicron unravels travel industry’s plans for a comeback

After months in lockdown, a weary world is ready to dance

From 9/11’s ashes, a new world took shape. It did not last.

Images of the first week of the Paralympic Games

UN: Weather disasters soar in numbers, cost, but deaths fall

Asian tourism sees ups, downs in 2nd year of pandemic

The Broader Look

Pinoys find solace in states fortifying against pandemic

IT’S the winter of discontent; at least for Filipinos in France, Italy, Japan and Spain. The states governing these labor-receiving countries have reciprocated the warm hospitality and sedulousness of Filipino workers. “People here are more ‘chill,’” observed Leonor Dimaculangan who’s just…